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Master’s Scholarships for International Students at Universite de Lyon, 2015

    lyonThe Universite de Lyon is offering scholarships to interested international students to study at the school.


    The University of Lyon is seeking qualified and talented applicants who possess brilliant academic results to enroll for their master degree programs.

    The number of total scholarships that would be awarded this year to qualified students has not been indicated, but based on the information provided from last year, about sixty scholarship scholarships were awarded, this year academic session, as such a substantial amount of scholarships would be available.

    The duration of the scholarship will last less than a year, usually ten months.

    Note that successful scholars for the award will receive a monthly fee of 400 Euros or 800 Euros depending on an applicant’s profile.

    The programs will be administered at The Universite de Lyon and other top Universities that they have partnered to offer several master degree programs.


    Scholarships are annually awarded for courses offered at The Universite de Lyon and other Universities that they have partnered with for various master degree programs.


    Nationals of foreign students of any country (foreign students) can apply

    Interested applicants admitted for the year one master’s program should show enough evidence that they have had a degree or diploma or its equivalent recognized by the University.

    Applicants interested in been admitted for the year two master’s program should show evidence that they have obtained master’s degree one or its equivalent recognized by the University.

    Applicants of any age are free and eligible to apply.

    Applicants are selected based on academic merit


    Applications are done online. Click here to contact the scholarship provider for more information on how to apply


    Application deadline is set between May-July 2015



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