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Low tuition University in Canada: The Kings University

    kingWe will be taking a special look at a world class university in Canada operating low/cheap tuition  for international Students– The Kings University. We will review the admission requirement, tuition plus admission deadline.

    Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce & Music Degrees Requirements

    • Note that International applicants from outside of Canada will only receive admission on presentation of an academic high school leaving certificate. Please note that  specific admission rules would vary depending on the student’s country of origin.
    • Complete 5 academic Grade 12 courses:
      • 1 course must be academic English
      • 3 courses must be Academic (examples: Social Studies, Language, Math, Calculus, Science, Fine Arts)
      • The 5th course may be any academic or non-academic Grade 12 course carrying normal weight
        • Cannot be Special Projects or Work Experience
        • Two courses of lower course weight may be substituted for the 5th course

    United States Admission Requirements


    • Overall score of 20 or higher, with no individual score below 15 in the English, Math, Reading, and Science sections


    • Combined score of 1500 or higher on reading, math, and writing, with no individual score less than 400

    Program-Specific Requirements

    • Science prerequisites can be met by completing the corresponding SAT exam
    • Math component of ACT and SAT exams satisfy King’s Math prerequisite.


    WAEC, NECO, and SSCE Admission Requirements

    • International students applying for admission using any of the above written certificates must pass 5 distinct subjects
    • Such students should have an overall average of C, with no individual score below a D
    • If a student has a B or higher in English, it will satisfy King’s English Proficiency requirement, otherwise an additional English exam will be required.

    Information needed for admission:

    • Scratch Card Serial Number
    • PIN number
    • Exam Number
    • Exam Year

    How to Apply

    Step 1 – Review Academic Programs

    Take the time to review the programs that are offered at King’s. After you have done so be sure to select the program you want to study.

    Step 2 – Submit an Application – Apply at least 6 months prior to arrival

    Complete the online application along with  your $140 (CAN) application fee. For your application to be processed, you will also be required to submit transcripts from your high school and any post-secondary schools attended.

    Please note that all applicants, regardless of citizenship or country of origin, must demonstrate English Proficiency, which will enable them to succeed in their university studies.

    Step 3 – Waiting for Acceptance

    After you have applied for admission, you will receive an e-mail from King’s confirming that we have received your application. Once we receive all your supporting documentation, and if your results are in good standing, you will receive an official admission decision within 2 weeks. King’s will send you official letter by courier, as well as a confirmation e-mail.

    Tuition Fees:  $9,920 per year

    How to apply: Click online application to apply



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