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Low Tuition Universities: Study abroad in Moscow State University

    The Moscow State University(MSU) was established in 1755. Moscow State University is a low tuition university with the fees going as low as $3000-$4000. At any particular time, more than 40 000 students ( both graduate and postgraduate) and about 7 000 undergraduates study at the renowed university, with over 5 000 specialists doing refresher courses here. More than 6 000 professors and lecturers, and about 5 000 researchers work in the different departments and research institutes.

    Every year the University enrolls approximately 4 000 international students and postgraduate students from across the world.

    Moscow University campus is an extremely complex system, with approximately 1 000 000 m2 floor area in 1 000 buildings and structures, with its 8 dormitories housing over 12 000 students and 300 km of utility lines.

    MSU library system is actually one of the largest in Russia, housing over 9,000,000 books, 2,000,000 of them in international languages, and the average number of readers 55,000, using 5,500,000 books a year.

    Application timelines

    The academic year at MSU begins in September and ends in June. Bachelor’s degree courses take 4 years to complete; Specialist’s degree courses take 6 academic years to complete; Master’s degrees take 2 academic years to complete; While Doctorate degrees take 3 or 4 academic years to complete. All the faculties provide the full-time study. Post-graduate studies can be either full-time or part-time. The applicants are enrolled according to the results of entrance examinations (interview, test).


    For admission into MSU university, you must do the following: Submit,

    • Filled application form;
    • Academic documents, equivalent to the academic documents of Russian Federation, with the academic degree, the full list of learned subjects and full list of marks, with a notarized translation into Russian:
    • For Bachelor studies (BSc/BA): Submit your school-leaving certificate
    • For Master studies (MSc/MA): Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree-certificate
    • For Post-graduate studies (Candidate’s degree): Master’s or Specialist’s certificate

    (Academic documents should be legalized. You can get the information about the procedure of legalization in the Russian embassy in the country where academic documents were issued or on the following website

    • Transcripts (this is the document showing the list of the subjects with results/grades) with a notarized translation done in Russian Language;
    • Evidence(document) showing equivalence of the education certificate which was got outside the Russian Federation;
    • Medical certificate showing that you haven’t gotten serious health issues that could affect your studies in the Russian Federation and at the faculty you are applying to;
    • The AIDS test result confirming that you haven’t got AIDS, valid on the territory of Russian Federation;
    • Passport with visa and migration card;
    • Six 3×4 cm photographs.

    The translation of the academic documents into Russian must be notarized in Russia or certified by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where they were issued. The AIDS and other medical tests for the medical certificate must be taken in one of the clinic of MSU. The Faculty has the right to require additional information.

    Tuition Fees:

    MSU tuition fee ranges from $3000-$4000 per year!

    Letter of Invitation

    To get the letter of invitation from the university, which is necessary for receiving a student’s visa, please send (by either mail, fax or e-mail) the underlisted documents to the Department of international studies of the chosen faculty:

    Upon consideration of your documents you will be sent the letter of invitation. Please find out the details of getting the visa in the Russian Embassy in your country. It takes about 45 days to get the letter of invitation, that is why you are recommended to send all the documents as soon as possible.

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