Low Tuition Universities in Ukraine

low tuitionFor international students wishing to study abroad and are actively looking for a country that offers good higher education at a low fee, Ukraine is your ideal country to study in.

This beautiful country provides plenty of opportunities for international students interested in enrolling in Ukraine’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Note that there are several courses available such as science, arts and management courses.

Ukraine has a lot of cross cultural and interesting Cities such as Kharkov, Odessa, Kirem (Black Sea), Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk amongst others. Also there are a lot tourist attractions as well as beautifu places to visit making it a nice country for visitors.

Languages commonly spoken in Ukraine are Russian, German and English.

The courses that are studied the most in Universities in Ukraine are:


Civil Aviation



Computer sciences

Medical sciences


Hostel arrangement costs 400$US for one year

Renting an apartment could go up for as much as $1000 a month

Paying guest US $700 a month & Share a room US $%500


Note that tuition fees in Ukrainian Universities are generally very low and affordable. It usually ranges from $1500 to $3500 per year for Engineering, Science and Management programs and $3500 to $4000 for medical related programs.

List of low tuition Universities in Ukraine

kharkiv national economics university

kyiv national university of economics

kyiv national university of economics & trade

ternopil national economics university

donetsk state academy of management

european university of finance, information system and management

kharkiv institute of management

donetsk stae university of economics & trade

odessa state economics university

kharkiv national municipal academy

kyiv national university

kyiv national pedagogical university

kyiv national linguistic university

kyiv national transport university

kyiv national university of food technologies

kharkiv national university v.n.karazin

kharkiv state university of railway transport

kharkiv state university of food technology & trade

kharkiv national medical university

dnipropetrovsk state medical academy

ukrainian medical stomatological academy

crimea state medical university

odessa state medical university

kyiv national medical university

vinnitsya national medical university

zaporozhye state medical university