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Low Tuition Universities in Russia: Application Process for Moscow State University plus tuition fees

    moscowFor international students wishing to study in Moscow State University , please note that the academic year at MSU begins in September and ends in June . Generally, Bachelor’s degree courses take about 4 years to complete while Specialist degree courses take 5 or more academic years to complete; Master’s degrees usually take 2 academic years to complete; Doctor’s degrees would take longer, usually 3 academic years to complete. Please note that all the faculties in this university provide full-time study in all the courses. However, most Post-graduate studies can be full-time or part-time. The applicants are enrolled based on the statistical results of their entrance examinations (interview, test).

    Concluding the agreement

    To conclude your preparations to study at MSU, you must pass the exams and submit to the department of international studies of the chosen faculty the following documents:

    • Completed application form;
    • Academic translates, equivalent to the academic documents of Russian Federation, with the academic degree, the full list of learned subjects and full list of marks, with a notarized translation into Russian:
      • For Bachelor studies (BSc/BA): school-leaving certificate
      • For Master studies (MSc/MA): Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree-certificate
      • For Post-graduate studies (Candidate’s degree): Master’s or Bachelor’s certificate

    (Academic documents should be legalized. You can get the information about the procedure of legalization in the Russian embassy in the country where academic documents were issued.)

    • Applicants should endeavor to translate their transcripts into russian (the translated copy should show the list of the subjects and results)
    • Evidence of equivalence of the education certificate which was gotten outside the Russian Federation;
    • A dully issued medical certificate showing that you haven’t got contra-indications for study in the Russian Federation and at the faculty you are applying to;
    • Please note that the AIDS test result confirming that you don’t have AIDS, mut be valid in Russia.
    • International passport with migration card;
    • A Six 3×4 cm photographs.

    The translation of the academic documents into Russian must be notarized in Russia or certified by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where they were issued. The AIDS and other medical tests for the medical certificate must be taken in one of the clinic of MSU. The Faculty has the right to require additional information.

    Tuition Fees:

    Tuition fees for MSU usually range from 1000 pounds to 3000 pounds per academic year

    For more information on how to apply: Please click here: Click me


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