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Low tuition Universities in Ireland and how to apply

    europeIreland is a popular study abroad destination for international students seeking low tuition universities in Europe to study in. Whether you choose to study in Ireland either as an undergraduate or graduate student, you’ll absolutely enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of Irish people. Moreover, the international atmosphere and quality of higher education will greatly appeal to you.

    How to apply

    Application to universities in Ireland is pretty easy. If you are an international student seeking admission to either undergraduate or graduate programs, you will be required to submit your application directly to the university you are applying. Generally, you can use the university’s online application portal to submit your documents. Better still you can download the application form from the study program on the university’s website.

    Application Deadline

    Application deadlines are not constant in Ireland. Please check with your institution to determine the deadline and find out when EU or international students should apply.

    • For Undergraduate EU students: the application deadline is February 1. Late applications might come in May 1.
    • Graduate EU and international students as well as undergraduate international students: application deadlines will vary depending on the academic program. Therefore, you are encouraged to check at the study program or course website for the specific application deadline

    Tuition Fees

    If you are an EU student applying for admissions abroad in Irish Universities, you might qualify for the free fees scheme which exempts one from paying tuition fees. To determine your eligibility for this program, please check with your institution.

    International Students

    If you are not an EU student, you will have to pay tuition fees at universities and colleges in Ireland. The amount of the tuition fees varies largely among institutions and study programs and over the years. We therefore recommend you to check with your university or college the exact amount of the tuition fee for the study program you are interested in

    Low tuition Universities

    *All Hallows College

    *American College Dublin

    *Athlone Institute of Technology

    *Burren College of Art

    *Church of Ireland College of Education

    *College of Computer Training



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