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Low Tuition: Universities in Indonesia, Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living and Admission Requirements

    The Republic of Indonesia is a country in the Southeast of Asia, famous for the numerous Islands it is formed with.The capital city of the country is Jakarta. Tuition fees in most Indonesian universities is low and affordable.

    The national currency is Indonesia rupees which is equivalent to 0.000074USD. Compare to other countries, Republic of Indonesia has a lot of beaches, elephants, tigers and orang-utans.

    Indonesia only has two main seasons – dry (June to October) and wet (November to March) seasons which are affected by the location of island as it changes on the equator.



    There are over 3,000 universities in Indonesia, of which 97% are controlled by the government and the other 3% by private. These higher educational schools are established as universities, institutes, academies,polytechnics or as advanced tertiary schools.

    Academic session in Indonesia universities start in September and ends in June. Applications for new students are open fewmonths before the session begins.

    In previous years, Indonesia universities take courses only in the official language (Bahasa Indonesia). This has been changed few years ago to suit international students; universities now take courses of equal standard in both Bahasa and English languages.

    Therefore, international students who wish to study in any of the Indonesia universities will take IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge language test of which result will be presented during application process.

    Both private and public Indonesian universities have their tuition fee per year placed at 6,000 USD maximum.



    The 2016/2017 QS World University Rankings had featured nine successful Indonesia universities among the world’s best. These universities have merited the standard required by the ranking system.

    • University of Indonesia (UI)

    Commonly referred to ‘Universitas Indonesia’, is the oldest in the country established in 1851. The university is recognised as the best in Indonesia and #325 in the world according to QS world university rankings.

    The university is a state university with 14 faculties and various courses taken at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. The school also organises vocational programs.


    • Institute of TechnologyBandung (ITB)

    Established in year 1959, ranked401-410 in World’s University Rankings, and 86 in Asia rankings. It is the only university in Indonesia ranked 80 out of the100 world best in engineering by QS World University Rankings.

    ITB has 6 schools and 7 faculties under which there are different disciplines which are taken under favourable lecture rooms, laboratories together with sporting facilities.

    In all, the university takes 26 different undergraduate programs and 34 graduate programs.

    • UniversitasGadjahMada (UGM)

    In 2016, UGM ranks 501-550 in World University Rankings and 105 in Asia, also known as the largest university in the country.

    UniversitasGadjahMada (UGM)is a public university established in 1949. A view around the campus is standard health and sport centres, together with library and student hall

    Further to this are 18 faculties and 27 research centres taking student in disciplines for undergraduate, diploma, masters and doctoral degrees.

    • Airlangga University

    The second oldest public university in Indonesia,established in 1954. The school was recognised as the best in ‘citations per paper’ category of 2014 QS Asian University Rankings, also, one of the best five Indonesia universities.

    Present are 14 faculties and one postgraduate school in Airlangga University, together with, a total of 127 academic programs

    • Bogor Agricultural University

    Bogor Agricultural University is a state university based in agriculture, live stocks, veterinary and life science courses. The school was founded on the 1st September, 1963

    Established are 9 faculties majorly undertaking undergraduate degrees. The school also takes diploma programs and business school.

    The university motto is stated as ‘Searching for and Serving the best’.


    Applicants are to apply and submit required documents online on the university’s official website, such documents include:

    • Official academic transcript or final results from the last school attended
    • Certified certificate of graduation
    • A letter stating purpose
    • Evidence of registration payment
    • English proficiency certificate /statement of language testing examination

    Some universities may also require:

    • Cover letter from previous school attended
    • Curriculum vitae showing skills et al
    • Student taking Indonesia language courses in the first year



    • Applicant should go through the official school website to check for requirement and submit an application
    • Payment of application fee
    • Visa to study in Indonesia should be processed by international students once application is successful
    • Take required English language test
    • Student should also obtain an health insurance


    • Opportunity to networking with students from different race
    • Student gain to learn new skills and languages
    • Student have the opportunity to tour and take herbal health education
    • Cheap cost of living
    • Studying in a peaceful and conducive environment suitable for learning
    • Chance to obtain a universally recognised certificate


    The cost of living in Indonesia is quite cheap.Student can budget an average of $8,600 to live on per year, although this varies with individual lifestyle

    Some part of Indonesia do not have safe water due to previous occurrence of earthquake and volcanoes eruption, students are therefore advised to treat their water or buy treated water.

    Important items and cost include:

    • Meal at aninexpensive restaurant – 25,250 Rp
    • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle) – 7947.84 Rp
    • Water (0.33 litre bottle) – 3726.39 Rp
    • Milk (1 litre) – 16,743.82 Rp
    • Rice (1kg) – 11955.52 Rp
    • One way ticket – 4,000 Rp
    • 1 bedroom apartment in city centre – 3501469.15 Rp
    • Clothing and Shoes – 449, 647.19 Rp


    It is important for Indonesian to take no less than 12 years of education as 20% of Indonesia national budget is allocated to education

    There are wide ranges of courses taken in the official language and English from which students can choose from.

    For international students seeking admission into Indonesia universities, application should start not less than two months so as to meet up with visa procedures. Also, application into Indonesia universities will not be processed if acceptance fee is not paid.


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