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Low Tuition Universities in Hungary: How to Apply,Cost of Living,Tuition fees and Deadlines

    hungaryHungary is located in central europe with an estimated population of over 10 million people. Beyond signing the schengen agreement which affords international students the opportunity of travelling to other parts of Europe, Hungary also operates low tuition universities. Although a small country, Hungary has produced over 20 Nobel Prize laureates and notable inventors such as Ányos Jedlik (first electric motor), Kálmán Tihanyi (plasma television), Dennis Gabor (holography), István Horváth (artificial blood) or Erno Rubik (Rubik’s cube), to mention but a few.

    How to Apply
    students should submit their applications either electronically through the FELVI system or by mailing their application material directly to the higher education institution they are interested in.Please upload your transcripts or mail them directly to this institution. Usually, internationally recognized certificates such as the TOEFL or IELTS tests are accepted.

    Cost of Living
    Cost of living in Hungary is actually affordable. It’s 450 to 500 Euro per month which will cover the cost of accommodation, food, textbooks and accommodation etc.

    Admission Requirements
    For undergraduate or post graduate degrees, submit your secondary school leaving certificate or first degree directly to the institution. For international undergraduate studies, you can bolster your application by submitting additional international test certificates like TOEFL, IELTS or the SATs.

    *College of Dunaújváros
    *College of Nyíregyháza
    *College of Szolnok
    *Communication and Business College
    *Corvinus University of Budapest
    *Debrecen Reformed Theological University
    *Edutus College
    *Eszterházy Károly College
    *Evangelical-Lutheran Theological University
    *Eötvös József College

    Tuition Fees
    Tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees are approximately EUR 1000 per academic year on average, while tuition fees for master’s degrees are EUR 1500 per semester on average.
    There are usually two admission deadlines:
    15 February: for studies beginning in the fall semester
    15 November: for studies beginning in the spring semester


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