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Low Tuition Universities in Europe with Tuition Fees of €700 to €1500 for International Students

    universities europeThere are various universities in Europe that offer affordable tuition fees for low and middle income international students. These tuition fees are usually in the range of 200 – 1500 euros per year. This blog post will take an in-depth look at four european universities that offer low tuition fees between the above stated tuition range.

    University of Graz, Austria   (Tuition fees: €363.3 and EUR €726.72 per semester)

    This is one of Austria’s biggest university and the second oldest in the country. The university was founded in the mid 1500’s. It is located in Europe greatly affords international students the opportunity of engaging with a multifaceted culture and tradition which benefits the city and puts the university on the limelight. The university currently boasts of a population of 32,500 students and 4,000 employees who live on and off campus.

    University of Stuttgart, Germany   (Tuition fees: 165.25 per semester)

    The university is reputed for its huge capabilities in the fields of mobile and information technology, production, process engineering as well as life sciences. The university was established in 1829 and is situated in a town endowed with economic wealth. For more information on the cost of living in Germany and list of more low tuition universities,  click me

    University of Vienna, Austria   (Tuition fees: € 382.06 to € 745.42 per semester)

    This is undoubtedly the oldest university in Austria and one of the biggest in central Europe. The University is actually the biggest teaching and research institution in Austria. The university was established in 1365 and has a whooping population of 91000 students and 188 courses available for students with about 56 Bachelor Programmes, 117 Master Programmes, 4 Diploma Programmes and 11 PhD Programmes. The university hopes to introduce modern methods of research and establish links between subjects and courses.

    Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany   (Tuition fees: €251.46 per semester)

    The above mentioned university was founded in 2009 and has has two campuses, Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. The university unarguably boasts of having modern and world class facilities, relevant and top class courses as well as state of the art learning environment. The university has a population of 4000 students and will soon be offering twenty five undergraduate degree programmes and eight Masters degree programmes in the relevant fields of Natural Sciences, Economics and Technology as well as in the field of Humanitarian Science, Social Science and Health Science



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