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Low Tuition Universities in Europe: Study in Bulgaria

    bulgariaTuition fees for universities in  Bulgaria are one of the cheapest in Europe.   Europeans can study in Bulgarian Universities at reduced cost while also  benefiting from Bulgarian scholarships.  The only condition required  to benefit from Bulgarian scholarship is to learn and speak Bulgarian and then sit for and pass a language admission exam along with Bulgarian Students. Also note that the tuition fee for programs in Bulgarian language is slightly cheaper than the cost for programs in English.

    The tuition fees in Bulgarian universities  would vary depending on the university, course, language of instruction, undergraduate or graduate program etc.
    Tuition fee for European students:
    European students can  study in either (Bulgarian) or in an international language (English, French, or Germany) depending of the  programs available.  European  students who intend  to economize can decide to study in Bulgarian language and take  full advantage of  Bulgarian scholarships.

    Tuition fee for no-EU students:
    International  students can only apply to study in Bulgaria  as tuition paying students.  They must pay the full academic tuition fee, which is actually paid in 2 times per academic year:  That is half before applying for a student visa and the remaining amount before  the beginning of the second semester. As was said earlier, it is slightly cheaper to study in Bulgarian language than in an international language!
    Tuition fees in Bulgaria:
    Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy:  5500 to 8000 Euro
    Technical study: 2200 to 3500 Euro
    Economical study: 2200 to 4000 Euro

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