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Low Tuition Universities in Europe: List of Universities in Portugal, Netherlands and Ukraine Portugal


    Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe; it is without fail among the continent’s most beautiful countries – Its possible you’re attracted to Portugal by the prospect of living and studying in a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful seashores and metropolitan cities filled with historic artifacts and cultural buildings.

    Higher education in Portugal is in two forms: universities and polytechnics. The major difference between the two is that universities spend a greater focus on academic research, while polytechnics focus on preparing students with skills for a specific career.

    List of Universities

    *Atlantic University

    *Autonomous Institute of Polytechnic Studies

    *Catholic University of Portugal

    *Creative University

    *Education Polytechnic – CESPU

    *Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa

    *Escola Superior de Enfermagem Dr. José Timóteo Montalvão Machado


    The name “Netherlands “comes from the fact that about a quarter of this small country lies below sea level. Beyond its most popular traditional associations (e.g windmills, tulips and clogs), Netherlands is inarguably one of the most developed and wealthy countries in the world, possessing a very large urban population. Beyond being densely populated, it’s also very tolerant and liberal, and has a great deal of student cities – all of which can be reached with a bicycle ride (the country’s preferred mode of transport). Studying and working in the Netherlands is super attractive and lucrative for students as well as workers from other countries.

    List of Countries

    *Amsterdam School of the Arts

    *Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

    *Artez Institute of the Arts

    *Christian University of Applied Sciences

    *Delft University of Technology

    *Design Academy Eindhoven

    *Edith Stein University for Teacher Education

    *Dronten University of Applied Sciences


    If you’ve ever gone to Ukraine on holidays, you must have experienced her majestic architecture, beautifully built cathedrals, monasteries and fascinating mountain range sights – whether you went skiing, hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing in Ukraine, you’ll definitely have to go back there for your university education as its home to well over 800 world class universities. It has a rich economy, with work and study opportunities mostly in and around big cities such as Kiev, Zaprozhye, Dnepropertrovsk, Lviv and Odesa.

    List of Universities in Ukraine

    *National Technical University of Ukraine

    *National Pedagogical University

    *Taurida National University

    *Donetsk National Technical University

    *National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

    *Uzhhorod National University


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