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Low Tuition Universities in Europe: How to apply and study in Belgium

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    Today, we will be taking a look at low tuition universities in Belgium for international students. Tuition fees can go as low as EU 450 to EU 4000. Now let’s take a look at the application process, entry deadline as well as admission requirements.

    Application Process

    International students desiring to study in Belgium are requested to submit the following documents described below in order to be evaluated for higher education studies:

    • A filled-in application form for the selected study program or course. This form can be usually downloaded from the university or college website or even filled-in electronically.
    • For some study programs, you might have to pass an aptitude test.

    For undergraduate studies: an attested copy of your upper secondary school certificate and a copy of the results from the university entrance examinations in your home country.

    For Master’s programs: an attested copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate.

    Please confirm with your institution if you need to submit more documents.

    Admission Requirements

    Admission requirements to study in Belgium might defer depending on which community you choose to study in. Universities Flemish, German and French speaking communities have varying entry requirements for students. But in General, if you are seeking undergraduate studies, you must be in possession of a valid secondary school leaving certificate to be considered for admission. However, for specialized courses you might be required to take certain tests or exams. Please confirm with your institution. While Masters programs would require you have a relevant undergraduate degree.

    Language of Instruction

    Most institutions offer courses in Flemish German and French, while a few offer courses in English. Institutions like:

                                                     Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

    Application Deadline

    The application deadlines for studies in Belgium vary greatly depending on the study program and the higher education institution. Therefore, we recommend you to start the application process as soon as you have found a program you’d like to enroll in.

    Please, bear in mind that institutions may set different deadlines for EU and non-EU students.

    Tuition Fees

    Tuition fees in both Flemish, German and French communities range from EU400 to about EU5000. Please contact your university for more info on this.


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