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Low Tuition Universities in Europe: Cost of Studying in Beligium and Switzerland plus Tuition Fees

    Cost of Studying in Switzerland

    Tuition fees at universities in Switzerland
    If you are an international student with an international secondary or higher school degree, you will will be expected to pay your registration and tuition fees at public institutions in Switzerland. Generally, international students must pay registration fees of roughly EUR 50 – 80. Tuition fees for international students range from EUR 750 to EUR 3000 per semester depending on the institution.
    Living Cost of Study
    A student’s monthly budget should amount to approximately SFR 1,800: food and upkeep from SFR 800 to SFR 850 per month.

    Cost of Studying in Belgium

    Tuition Fees
    Most of the colleges and Universities in Belgium operate low tuition. The basic tuition fees for one year of serious academic studies would amount to 835 euros.
    Living Cost
    This is an overview of much an international student studying in Belgium might spend per month:
    Courses, books 35 €
    Accommodation 400 €
    Food 300 €
    Healthcare (insurance, medical costs) 20 €
    Public transport 40 €
    Miscellaneous (telephone, leisure …) 55 €
    Or a total of around 850 €/ month

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