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Low Tuition Universities in Europe: Cost of living and studying in Belgium, Czech and Luxembourg


    Universities in Belgium offer educational programs ranging from fundamental courses to educational training programs, doctoral studies, post academic programs and Master’s studies. Fields of study include art science, law, theological studies, physiotherapy, language and literature, educational science, dentistry, archeology, medical science, psychology, engineering etc. Belgium has the Uniqueness of being interesting and filled lively people making it a top choice education spot for international students

    Tuition and living cost in Belgium

    Depending on student preference and city of residence, living cost does vary but averagely, the cost of living ranges between €550 – €650 each month. This covers for lodging, feeding and transportation.


    Czech boasts of having one of the oldest University education in the world, with the University of prague being its first University. Although most courses are taught in Czech, a good lot of courses are taught in English for the benefit of international students

    Cost of Living in Czech
    Czech has the lowest living cost in Western Europe. Depending on Student preference and location, and average of US$ 350 – US$ 750 catering for feeding, transportation and lodging would be spent every month by Student.


    All application by international student to study at Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctorate levels are done online in Luxembourg.

    Cost of Living in Luxembourg

    Living expenses range between €400 – € 600 in Luxembourg. This caters for upkeep as well as tuition cost.

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