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Low Tuition Universities in Belarus: Tuition Fees, How to Apply and How to Obtain a Student Visa

    belaAny International student wishing to obtain an education in a foreign country, should do so not just in an institutions that is accredited, but in an institutions that has a license to educate foreign students. The Ministry of Education and Science in Belarus administers the quality and type of education served to foreign students.

    Tuition fee for International students.
    In general higher instituions in Belarus operate low tuition. Tuition fees for international students range from 1600-1900 Euro, depending on the course of study.

    Techinical Courses  – 1900 Euro per annum

    Management Faculties  – 1700 Euro per annum

    Other faculties  – 1600 Euro per annum

    How to apply to universities in Belarus
    Once you have made up your mind to study  at a university in Belarus, you will fill out the  Online Application portal  and upload scanned copies of your acdemic credentials to receive an invitation to study. For this to happen,  you will have to provide the following documents:

    *complete and submit online application form

    *copies of your School result

    * A copy  of your International passport

    *Once you have indicated your course, the institution will  process  your admission  and inform you within 5-6 working days.

    Requirement for Visa

    Owing to the non-availability of Belarusian consulates in most countries, a visa is usually issued on your arrival to Minsk airport in Belarus to students from the following:

    *  Ghana;
    *Maldives (Island);
    And many other countries without embassies.
    If you have received a letter of invitation to study in a university in Belarus, you will be automatically given a visa on arrival upon presentation of the following documents:

    * Admission letter;

    *Educational certificate;

    *Medical fitness documents (medical certificate issued by a national medical state institution);

    *Birth certificate;

    *4*6 CM photo for visa record;

    *Full or half school/tuition fees;

    *Return ticket.

    Low Tuition Universities in Belarus
    *Belarusian National Technical University
    *Belarusian State Technological University
    *Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics
    *Brest State Technical University
    *Homiel State Technical
    *  Vitebsk State Technological University

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