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Low tuition universities in Begium: Cost of living and list of top universities

    belgiiiiThe cost of living in Belgium is put at 850 euro per month, this amount should cover the cost of food, accommodation, health care, books and leisure. Please note that this figure is only an estimate and might be slightly higher or lower depending on the student’s lifestyle.

    Here’s a breakdown of the estimation:

    Courses, books 35 €
    Accommodation 400 €
    Food  300 €
    Healthcare (insurance, medical costs) 20 €
    Public transport 40 €
    Miscellaneous (telephone, leisure …)  55 €
    Or a total of around  850 €/ month

    Here are also a few examples of prices in Belgium:

    A newspaper (daily) 1.20 €
    10 bus/tram/underground tickets 12.50 €
    A sandwich 2.50 to 3.80 €
    One entrance ticket to the Belgian Comic Strip Centre 6 €
    A cinema ticket 8 €
    A can of soft drink 1 €
    A loaf of bread (800 gr) 2 €

    List of top universities in Belgium

    • Boston University, Brussels
    • Gent University
    • Brexgata University Academy
    • University of Liege
    • Thierry Graduate School of  Leadership
    • The International Management Institute
    • University of Antwerp


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