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Low Tuition Universities in Asia: Study in Japan, Cost of Iving and Tuition Fees

    japanDo you want to study in a country where bullet trains are used? Then Japan might be a destination home for you!  The japanese Government is really interested in attracting international students;thats why the Government has set its mind on admitting 300,000 students by 2020. One great thing about Japan is that the Ministry of Education is beginning to introduce courses taught in English into their University System,so English speaking students need not worry any more. The tuition fee at Universities in Japan is very low compared to other developed countries. In addition, there are numerous scholarships  for international students requiring funding for their studies.

    Cost of Living
    The Monthly living cost in Japan for an international student from overseas including the tuition on average is about 138,000 yen. .

    Tuition Fees
    Japanese Universities are comparably cheap. The tuition fee in an average University in Japan should be roughly $5000. The good thing about studying in Japan is that there are numerous scholarships international students can apply for.

    Admission Procedure
    For an International student,application into a Japanese University is relatively simple.Those who have academic qualifications such as an International Baccalate and  are 18 years of age are qualified for admission to a Japanese university. For postgraduate students, a valid degree from a recognized international University is accepted.

    List of Universities
    Aichi Gakuin University
    Aichi University
    Akita International University
    Akita Prefectural University
    Aoyama Gakuin University
    Asahikawa Medical University


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