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Low Tuition Universities: Cost of Living in Canada, Russia and Turkey

    europe 2                                    Cost of Living in Canada

    The following is an estimated cost of living in Canada for international students living and studying in Canada for a 12 month period. However, the living expenses will definitely vary depending on a student’s life-style and budget.

     Books $1,000 – $5,000
     Housing $4,800 – $10,000
     Food $2,500
     Health and Dental Insurance $290
     Clothing $700
     Transportation (bus pass for 12 months) $750
    Entertainment $750
    Miscellaneous Cost $750


    Cost of Living in Russia


    There are two types of accommodation available for international students studying in Russia- hostel and off campus housing options. Cost of hostel accommodation in Russia ranges from $150-$300 per month. Off campus accommodation however are always on the high side, and usually stays between $250-$400 monthly.


    Food is extremely cheap in Russia for international students and can range between 150-200 USD per month depending on a student’s eating and spending habit. Many varieties of food are available in the school canteen and as an international student, you may choose to eat from the canteen or prepare your meals.

    Cost of Living in Turkey

    Estimated living cost for international students wishing to study in Turkey are quite low. You should budget roughly 300 to 400 US dollars every month for living expenses,although a lot would depend on the student’s spending habit and power. Books and other administrative fees are usually 100 to 150 US dollars per semester.



    menu                            : usually 5 TL
    Bread                                           : around 1 TL
    Water (per litre)                             : roughly 1 TL
    Fruit (per kg)     : from 1 TL to 5 TL
    Pasta & Rice (per kg)                : 1 TL to 4 TL
    Sugar & Salt (per kg)                : 2 TL
    Tea/Coffee (a cup)                    : 1 TL / 5 TL
    Beer                                             : 3 TL to 10 TL

    Miscellaneous Cost

    cost of cinema ticket     :          15 TL
    Concert ticket    : 25 TL
    Haircut                : 10 TL


    Bus ticket for international students                                   : 1.5 TL
    Conversion Rate:

    1 EUR – 2.5 TL
    1 USD -1.8 TL

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