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Low Tuition Medical Universities In Cuba

    cuba medical scholarship students

    Do you envisage a college academic life in Cuba? Are you looking at studying medicine at a very affordable rate in Cuba? You are welcome! Feel free to explore this definitive guide on where to study medicine cheap in Cuba. We have your interest at heart; it will be a one-stop rewarding experience. Get all the information you need to make a decision today!

    About Cuba

    Cuba was once a Spanish colony but now, it is one of the most popular destinations for tourist in Latin America. It is separated from US by only 145km of water. It is a very beautiful sight to behold because of the cultural and natural attractions.

    Cuba is the largest Island in the Caribbean sea, located about 90 miles from southern coast of Florida, USA. It is bounded by Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic. Cuba is generally known for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle.

    Havana, the capital of Cuba was once an important trading part often attacked by the pirates; but recently, it is well known for holding many international festivals like Havana international jazz, ballet and film festivals.

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    More facts about Cuba;

    • It is the 17th largest Island worldwide
    • It capital is Havana
    • Main language is Spanish
    • Currency is the Peso

    Study Medicine in Cuba; cheap medical universities or schools, cost of living, tuition fees, student visa, admission requirements and popular student cities in Cuba are reviewed

    Student visa in Cuba

    To study in Cuba as an international student, you will need to apply and get their study permit. Contact the Cuban consulate in your country and seek information on how to apply. But generally, you will need to prepare the following documents;

    • Police report
    • Medical fitness report
    • Proof of sufficient funding
    • International passport
    • 4 passport photographs
    • Visa application fee
    • Proof of admission
    • Guardian consent letter for under-aged students

    Please confirm specific application requirements from your consulate, if any.

    Tuition fees and funding in Cuba

    Cuban universities’ tuition fees ranges between US$20,000 to US$40,000 depending on the school or course of study. The good thing is that, this tuition covers your entire course duration and not just one year. Most universities in Cuba offer merit-based scholarships for high-achieving students while some offer free tuition for international students also.

    Consult your school’s admission office directly to know what they offer.

    Review of low tuition medical schools in Cuba with programs offered

    Higher institute of medical sciences of Camaguey

    The central-eastern Cuban probvince of Camaguey is where medicine began in 1968, when medical students of university of Havana arrived there to conclude their training. The college is accredited by the accreditation Board of the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba.

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    Medical courses offered;

    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Psychology
    • Stomatology
    • Health technology

    University of medical sciences of Sancti Spiritus

    This medical school located in Sancti Spiritus province of Cuba was founded in 1994. This is a very popular medical university known for training and sending medical personnel to underserved communities and nations. Introducing, ELAM (Latin American School of Medicine in the capital city of Havana). They have the highest number of foreign medical students across Cuba. They offer a wide variety of medical degree programs.

    University of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara

    Situated in the Cuban province of Villa Clara and established in 1966, the university offers medical trainings to students from Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Palmira, Ranchuelo, Perico, Cumanayagua, Manicargua, Esperanza, Ciego Montero, Moron, Camajuani, Caibarian, Santo Domingo, Vueltas and Santa Clara provinces of Cuba.

    University of medical sciences of Villa Clara is a centre of Cuban higher education that is responsible for training and developing human resources in the health sector in Villa Clara and other Cuban Provinces. The programs are offered in accordance with the principles of Cuban ministry of public health and through the integration of health, research and university extension. It special emphasis is on primary health care.

    Graduate programs offered;

    • Medicine – 6 years
    • Stomatology – 5 years
    • Lic. In nursing – 5 years
    • Imaging
    • Optometry and optics
    • Clinical bioanalysis
    • Integral rehabilitation
    • Health information system
    • Phonoaudiology
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Hygiene and epidemiology

    Post graduate programs;

    • Other scientific specializations in addition to Master’s and Doctoral programs

    They offer student exchange programs in conjunction with about 27 European, Central and South American universities, and other educational institutes.

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    Faculty of medical sciences of Ciego de Avila

    This is a medical college in university of Ciego de Avila, founded in 1978. It is a public higher education institution located in Moron, Ciego de Avila. It is fully accredited, and offers medical degree programs.

    University of medical sciences of Santiago de Cuba

    Fully accredited medical school in Santiago de Cuba. It was established in 1979. They offer officially recognized medical programs leading to bachelor degrees in several areas of study. They include two major areas;

    • Medicine and health psychology
    • Post graduate training in 24 medical specialties in different areas of the primary and secondary healthcare

    List of best medical schools in Cuba

    • Universidad de Antioquia
    • Universidad de Costa Rica
    • Universidad de Cienfuegos
    • Universidad de La Habana
    • Universidad de Oriente Santiago de Cuba
    • Universidad de Chile
    • Universidad de Ciencias Medicas de Sancti Spiritus

    Cost of living in Cuba

    Cost of living in Cuba ranges between US$300 to US$500 including accommodation, feeding, transportation and other basic needs. Although their official currency is the peso, transactions in US dollars are also accepted nationwide, making it possible for international students to go about their business without delay or hindrance.

    Medical school requirements in Cuba

    • Degree certificate for graduate students
    • High school certificate for undergraduate students
    • Transcript
    • Not more than 25 years for undergraduates and 35 for postgraduates (this depends on the school in question, confirm)
    • Birth certificate
    • Medical fitness report
    • Criminal records
    • Passport photographs
    • Language requirement; you have to proof you are fluent in Spanish or take a premed course in the language

    List of popular student cities in Cuba

    • Havana
    • Santa Clara
    • Santiago de Cuba
    • Cienfuegos

    These cities are very beautiful and affordable to live in for international students. They possess beautiful sand beaches, tropical climate and fort building structures.

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