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University of Manitoba, Canada: Ranking, Tuition Fees Admissions, Requirements Etc

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    University of Manitoba has an energetic university community comprised of more than 30,000 students, over 8,900 faculty and staff, and 138,000 alumni in 137 countries. Well over 16 per cent of its current students are international, from 115 countries. On top of tuition fees at the University of Manitoba are low and cheap for international students.

    The University of Manitoba has its residence on Anishinabe and Metis traditional land and houses a vibrant community of seasoned researchers, staff and well over 2,000 First Nations, Metis and Inuit students, and more than 3,580 graduate students — It is one of the largest Indigenous student bodies in the republic.

    This institution contributes massively to the economy and does over $1.8 billion in economic activity in the region, they are leaders in Manitoba’s knowledge economy with life changing research in key areas such as nanotechnology, functional foods and pharmaceuticals, HIV/AIDS, and climate change.

    About University Of Manitoba

    The University of Manitoba was the first university in Western Canada and was been founded in the year 1877. Its first degrees were granted in 1980. The institution is held in high regard and is seen as one of the top research-intensive institutions in Western Canada. University of Manitoba is a member of the U15 within Canada. It is also associated with prestigious affiliate groups such as Universities Canada, International Association of Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
    The university is currently home to over 15 libraries, and 1 primary art gallery, as well as 3 affiliated art galleries. Currently, the university has enrolled approximately 29000 students. Out of these students, approximately 25000 are undergraduate students. The remaining are graduate and postgraduate students. A faculty of over 5400 members is employed, as well as greater than 2300 administrative staff hired.
    These statistics make the University of Manitoba the 17th largest university in Canada. Over 60 undergraduate degrees and 30 graduate degrees are offered by the university. If you are interested in studying at this university, take a look at acceptance rate at the University of Manitoba. Research at the university focuses largely on civil engineering, Canadian defence and security issues. Currently, it is part of 37 research units. In the academic year of 2007-2008, the university acquired research grants worth more than 150 million USD. It is also the alma mater of 98 Rhodes scholars, which is the highest among all the other universities in Western Canada.

    English Language Proficiency

    Thankfully, English is the language of instruction and communication at the University of Manitoba. Thus, an applicant whose primary language is not English, is expected to demonstrate a strong command of English enough to meet the demands of classroom instruction, written assignments and participation in classes and discussions.

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    Applicant Categories

    1. Typically, Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents and others whose first language is English
      Applicants are considered to be proficient in English if they had lived and been educated in a country where English is the primary language.
    2. Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents whose primary language is NOT English
      Such applicants are expected to provide evidence of proficiency in English by satisfying the University of Manitoba standards as shown in the following English Proficiency options in subsequent paragraphs.
    3. Student Authorization Applicants (Student Visa)
      All applicants who are NOT Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada and whose primary language is not English must provide evidence of proficiency in English by meeting The University of Manitoba standards as outlined in the following English Language Proficiency options below. 

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    English Language Test Score Requirements

    If your primary language is not English, you will be required to demonstrate your proficiency in the use of the English language by meeting any of the options listed below. Please note that the information in this section applies to students entering most undergraduate programs of study1. If you are applying for admission to a graduate program, please check their website for information on each program’s English language proficiency requirements.

    Test Type Minimum score required
    Paper-Based TOEFL 

    (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    Overall score of 550 

    with no less than 

    50 (unscaled) in Reading 

    50 (unscaled) in Writing 

    50 (unscaled) in Listening

    Revised TOEFL Paper-delivered Test 

    (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    20 in Reading

    20 in Writing 

    20 in Listening

    Internet-Based TOEFL 

    (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    Overall score of 86

    20 in Reading

    20 in Writing 

    20 in Listening

    20 in Speaking 


    (Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees)

    4.5 in Reading

    4.5 in Listening

    4.0 in Writing

    IELTS (Academic) 

    (International English Language Testing System)

    6.5 overall
    Cambridge Assessment English: 

    C1 Advanced

    Cambridge Assessment English: 

    C2 Proficiency


    (Canadian Academic English Assessment)

    Pearson Test of English 58%

    (Intensive Academic English Program)

    Pass Level 5

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    Admission Requirements

    International students who apply from high school (with no prior post-secondary experience) should:

      1. Demonstrate English language proficiency
      2. Duly Satisfy the general entrance requirement based on the country/curriculum of study; these requirements can be found below by clicking the regions or Common International Curricula which include the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the British patterned Education (GCE).
    • Meet program-specific asks based on your chosen program(s) of choice. Go on their website and check your region for specific country/curricular equivalency, or connect with the admissions office at for further details.

    Tuition Fees

    Ideally, you should expect to pay $16,000 per year if you are an international student studying an undergraduate program.

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    Application Fees

    $100 Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents

    $120 International Applicants

    Your Program & Courses

    Please note that the number of years required for a program , textbook requirements, tuition costs and faculty fees will vary across program. That said, annual tuition costs will be determined by the types of courses you take and the number of registered credit hours. For additional information on buying textbooks, do well to visit their University of Manitoba Bookstore on the website. If you are looking for information on a specific program, check out theirr program list.

    Living Accommodations & Lifestyle

    Housing can be found on campus through their university residences, although a number of students choose to live off campus as well. For additional information on both on and off campus housing options, you can check out their Student Residences web site.

    University of Manitoba acceptance rate

    It’s very important that you know the acceptance rate of the university you are applying for admission, so you can calculate your chances of getting into the school. Different universities have different acceptance rate.

    Academically speaking, the University of Manitoba is ranked between 601-650 by QS and between 401-500 by Times. In 2018, ARWU also ranked University of Manitoba between 301-400. According to US News, the institution has a rank of 397. Moreover, the university is consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in Canada by the aforementioned ranking systems. Maclean’s graduate survey 2018 ranked this institution’s medical/doctoral program as the 14th best in Canada.

    The acceptance rate at the University of Manitoba is estimated to be 52%, which shows that the admissions into the University of Manitoba are not particularly competitive. Most students with a CGPA above 2.7 (on a 4 point grade scale) and acceptable English language test scores are able to secure admission at the university. International students often apply to this institution, making it one of the most diverse student bodies in Western Canada. Currently, 17.1% of the student body is international and the existing alumni pool is distributed among 127 countries. The university’s diversity, low tuition fee and low living costs in Winnipeg make it a viable undergraduate program for international students to consider.

    Other low tuition universities in Manitoba Canada

    There are other low tuition or affordable universities in Manitoba apart from University of Manitoba and we are going to talk about two of them: University of Winnipeg and Brandon University.

    Brandon University 

    The choice of a University to attend is one of the most crucial decisions ever. This single decision goes a long way in influencing your future, and ultimately, life. You spend a whole lot of days, weeks, months even, thinking of where you want to spend the next few years of your life.

    If you’ve figured out what course you want to major in, great. Next step, finding a university that offers that course yeah? Other questions you probably ask are if that university offers it full time or part-time. You may also want to know the tuition fees rate, what steps or procedure to take while applying, as well as determining to know how good that University is. These and many more are the thoughts that comes to mind when thinking of a great University to enroll.

    Looking for a good University to enroll could be a bit of a tedious activity, though it doesn’t have to be. While you have a lot of things to consider- tuition fees, location, the school’s ranking and application procedures, amidst other things, this article hopes to serve as a guide and an answer to most questions you most probably have.

    The Brandon University is located in Brandon city, Manitoba, Canada. The current location was founded on July 13th, 1889. It was then known as a Baptist institution. It was also, then established in Brandon by the Baptist Union of Western Canada, and was also affiliated with McMaster University.

    In the year 1898, a Toronto industrialist, William Davies, along with Mrs Emily Davies, his sister in-law pledged $25,000 towards the establishment of a Baptist college in Brandon.

    BU, as it is also called is a co-educational and non-denominational government-supported institution. It is within the province of Manitoba, and is a member of universities in Canada.

    Brandon offers a number of interesting Bachelor degrees, such as; Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Physical Education Studies, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing, and many others. It also a full-time and part-time structure for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    There are some other factors you may want to consider before finalizing on applying to Brandon University for either an undergraduate or graduate program.

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    Tuition Fees

    Brandon University is among the most affordable universities in the country. The total cost of enrolling in Brandon University, however, is dependent on and influenced by some factors- where you live, what program you are enrolled in or want to enroll in, and even the number of courses you register. The tuition also differs; undergraduate tuition is different from graduate tuition, which is as well different from international students’ tuition, and international graduate students’ tuition.

    If however, you are having difficulty in financing your education, you can apply for a provincial and Canadian student’s loan. That is, if you are Canadian. You could also search out and apply other government financial aid.

    If you are from Manitoba, you could as well apply through the Manitoba Student Aid Program. The application procedures are different though, if you are a Canadian from outside Manitoba. You can visit the Canada Student Loans Website for further help and enquiry and discover how you can acquire a loan.

    You could also pay your tuition fees by being a sponsored student. As a sponsored student, you are required to have your registration be approved by Financial and Registration Services.

    (There are contact details you can reach out to, in order to know how this works and the eligibility pattern).


    According to the Maclean’s magazine in 2018, Brandon University ranks best in Canada. The purpose of such rankings is for universities to appreciate their strengths, and weaknesses and know generally, where to improve. The University provides room for personalized learning. That means, with a class size of 12 students per faculty, you can have a one-on-one interaction with your professor. Most previous students of the University who gave reviews on the University ranked this as one part of the school they loved and helped them Excel better.

    Brandon’s excellent standards also offers a recognized degree, which enables you obtain employment, enables you enter professional programs and even graduate school.

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    Application Procedure

    Are you willing and just about ready to become a student of the University of Brandon, but don’t know how? Here are a few procedures on how you can apply.

    The first step you have to take is to fill out the online application form and then, pay a non-refundable fee. An academic session begins every year on the 1st of October, for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    Once you have done these, you would receive a mail from the Admissions Office, requesting specific documents. There are deadlines, on or before which you must submit the stated and requested documents. Also note that all communications from the Admissions Office are done via mail. Therefore, ensure to apply with an active email account, which you check often.

    If you are an international student, you are required to submit an evidence of an acceptable result in English language. The result must be recognized by Brandon University. However, you may as well enroll in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

    As an  international applicant who have been accepted at Brandon University, you will receive a mail. Attached to this mail is your offer of admission letter. It is worthy of note however, that while considering sending in your application to Brandon University, ensure you have approximately $33,000(Canadian) saved up and put away. This would be used to cover your first year of study, from September to April. This estimated price also includes tuition fees, on-campus residency as well as meal plan, health insurance and books as well. The costs of travels (if you are an international student) are not however, included in this plan.

    This is a great-choice University which grants you access to wonderful and standard education. The University has a lovely view, and in a serene environment. There are also scholarship programs you can apply for and have the University of your dreams, just a step away.

    University of Winnipeg

    University of Winnipeg is a research public university situated in Manitoba, Canada. The university is a friendly, student-focused higher institution that is popular for its indigenous scholarships, academic excellence, small class sizes etc. The University of Manitoba offers career-oriented education anchored in strong academic practices. UWinnipeg has embraced the sharing of knowledge and understanding about Indigenous peoples’ culture by introducing the Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) for all  UWinnipeg students. The ICR is a concerted effort to contribute to truth and reconciliation in Canada

    Courses offered in university of Winnipeg

    The University of Winnipeg offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Art, Business, Economics, Education, Science and Kinesiology and applied health. I’m going to provide a full list of these programs and link to their web portal so you can contact each department to get more information.

    Undergraduate programs

    Graduate programs

    Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Apply Online
    Master of Arts in Cultural Studies Apply Online
    Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE)* Apply Online
    Master of Arts in
    Indigenous Governance
    Apply Online**
    Master of Science in
    Applied Computer Science and Society
    Apply Online
    Master of Science in
    Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy
    Apply Online
    Master in Development Practice: Indigenous Development Apply Online
    Master in Management: Technology, Innovation and Operations

    Tuition fees in University of Winnipeg

    Tuition fees for undergraduate studies range from $8000 to $16000 per year and for graduate studies, part time students pay between $8000 to $13000 while full time students pay between $16000 to $24000 per year. Please note that these values are all in Canadian dollars. Once you have applied for admission and received a study offer, the school will demand that you pay part of this tuition fees before applying for visa.

    University of Winnipeg Acceptance Rate

    The university of Winnipeg acceptance rate is 60 to 70%. The university has a selective admission policy based on students’ past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is 60-70% making this Canadian higher education organization a somewhat selective institution.

    University of Winnipeg application fees

    Before you submit an online application to university of Winnipeg, ensure that you have your credit card ready as you will be asked to pay an application fees before your application is processed. Domestic students are charged $100 while international students are charged $120 for the application fees. Please note that these figures are in Canadian dollars.

    Once you have paid this amount and submitted tour application to the university, you will be contacted via email regarding the status of your application. If it was successful, an admission offer will be sent to you to start visa process.

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