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Low tuition: Cost of Living in Norway plus tuition fees and How to apply

    Nor norCost of Living

    The cost of living in Norway is a little bit higher than other European countries. That means international Students must budget between 800 Euro to 1000 Euro for their cost of living in a month. This estimated amount of money should cover expenses such as: food, accommodation, travels, books etc. However, note that the cost of living in Norway could be higher or lower depending on several factors such as the spending habit of the student, the city where the student lives in. Generally, Bigger cities usually have a higher living cost than smaller ones.

    Tuition fees

    Norwegian universities are still operating tuition free for both indigenous and international students. That said, students at both state universities and university colleges would not be required to pay tuition fees. Also note that this free tuition provision holds true for all academic levels, including undergraduate studies, Masters programs and Ph.D. programs. However, international students should note that they will be required to pay a semester fee of NOK 300-600 (35.78 Euro – 71.56 Euro) each semester. Before sitting for your university’s exam, this stated amount will have to be paid in full. Also the fee will grant international students membership in the local student welfare organization, which in turn entitles them to several other student benefits. These benefits may include on campus health services, counseling, access to sports facilities and cultural activities.

    How to apply

    Norwegian Universities accept online application. However, you can contact them directly and request for relevant application links and documents.

    List of tuition free universities in Norway

    • Bergen University
    • Alesund University
    • Bedo Regional University
    • Norway’s Information Technology University
    • Norwegian School of Management
    • Norwegian University of Science And Technology
    • Oslo School of Architecture
    • University of Oslo
    • University of Stavanger
    • University of Troms
    • Vestfold College
    • Volola college
    • Hedmark University College
    • BI Norwegian Business School
    • Norwegian University of Life Sciences
    • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    • University of Agder
    • Ålesund University College


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