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Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia: Tuition Fees and Admission Process

    In Russia is a university that has maintained high standing through the years. It is one of the oldest and the best universities in Russia. Lomonosov University is a Russian public university of a high standard that was founded in 1955 by Mikhail Lomonosov. It has the tallest educational buildings in the world with over 47,000 students and more than 5000 academic staff. The institution has excellent educational facilities possessing one of the greatest landscape and the largest library system in the whole of Russia. It has 39 faculties and about 128 programmes for undergraduate studies.

    Lomonosov University is situated in Moscow with most of its faculties in sparrow hill. It is 5 miles southwest of the city centre, and the surrounding area is residential. The university also offers a range of cultural and recreational activities such as the presence of museums, cinema halls and recreational Centre near it.

    Lomonosov University offers top notch education in a comfortable environment to both local and international student. They also have research institutes, research centres and branch campuses.


    Lomonosov University is the best university in Russia, and it has been ranked the 108 best universities in the world for 2017, an improvement from the 114 position in 2015, according to QS world ranking.

    According to CWUR, they are ranked at no 77 in the world and number 55 in ‘quality of faculty rank’. In the 4icu world ranking, Lomonosov University came in at the 171st position in the world.

    They have also been ranked 30th in world reputation ranking and 194th in World University ranking according to ‘Times’. And although Lomonosov University might have a different world ranking, all are well above the 200th position, though in Russia they maintain the number one position in all.

    In employability, Lomonosov University is ranked at number 7 according to ‘QS; BRICS’ ranking. The institution is recognised as one of the most prestigious to employers and is placed at 174th in the world in CWUR ranking tables.

    Admission requirement

    Lomonosov University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and specialist programme. They offer most of their courses in Russian; preparatory course can be taken for the Russian language at the Moscow State University’s Institute Of Russian Language And Culture.

    General application

    • Applicants must contact the faculty in which they have chosen to study.
    • Applicants must be in Moscow, Russia for application.
    • Applicants must come along with the following document;
      • Application
      • School leaving certificate
      • Transcript from the previous institution
      • Certificate equivalent to statements of equivalence
      • Medical certificate
      • A result confirming the candidate is AIDS negative(must be from a Russian medical facility)
      • Passport, visa and migration card
      • Photographs (6 with dimensions 3*4cm)
    • Applicants will be required to take exams.
    • An invitation letter, which may take up to 45 days, will be sent to applicants after submission of application form, translated copy of diploma certificate (or original copy if candidate didn’t school in Russia), a photocopy of the first two pages of applicants passport.
    • The applicant will then be required to pay the tuition fee.

    Note; all applications have an obligation to be submitted no later than one month to the proposed date of arrival. Also, the passport must be valid 18 months after the time of arrival.

    For specialist degree

    At the Lomonosov University, specialist courses which runs for 6 academic years can be taken. To apply;

    • Applicants must have passed the entrance exams
    • Applicants should commence general application.

    For postgraduate studies

    The postgraduate studies in Lomonosov University take 3-4 academic years to be completed, depending on the selected program. Candidate will be required to take three entrance exams before general application.

    • Applicants must also submit bachelors or specialist degree diploma


    Autumn semesterSeptember – January (exam period included)
    Spring semesterFebruary – June (exam period included)

    Summer Program

    Study periodJuly – August
    Application deadlineJune


    Pre-university programOne academic year$5080
    One and a half academic year$6780
    Russian language standardPrograms(Full time tuition)Academic year(38 weeks)$5780
    Autumn semester$2480
    Spring semester$3380
    Other periods$170/week
    Russian language standard Programs(part-time program)Academic year(38 weeks)$4780
    Other periods(minimum of 4 weeks)$140
    Russian languages summer   ProgramsFull-time tuition$215/week
    Part-time tuition$190/week
    Other feesAdministrative fee$80
    Health insurance$200

    Cost of living

    Lomonosov University is located in Moscow which is west of Russia. The state is home to some of the country’s finest arts and cultural collection. For student willing to apply for Lomonosov university. The cost of living is slated below;


    Dormitories in Lomonosov$75 / month
    One –bedroom apartment$593.86- $1021
    Two-bedroom apartment$1050.11- $1520.21
    Other utilities(electricity, gas, garbage, internet)$130.34 – $140.00


    Local transport$0.87/ticket
    Monthly pass$34.91
    Volkswagen golf (new)$20,944
    2005 mazda RX-8 (used)$10,772
    Gasoline (1 gallon)$2.59


    Average meal at restaurant$10.47 – $40.00
    Coke or Pepsi$0.87
    A pound of local cheese$3.93
    Fresh white bread(1 loaf)$0.60
    Apples (1 pound)$0.67
    Tomato (1 pound)$1.19
    Water (150cl bottle)$1.23
    Beer (domestic)$1.11
    Milk (1 gallon)$4.20
    Beef (1 pound)$3.76


    A pair of Lewis jeans( or equivalent)$95.93
    Summer dress (Zara or equal)$52.51
    A pair of Nike running shoe$99.57
    A pair of men’s leather business shoes$132.15

    Lomonosov University also allows international student to seek part-time jobs, which pay 4-6USD per hour in Moscow.

    Lomonosov University with its transcendence and the awesome environment has the best educational facilities in Russia and one of the best in the world. It has also achieved great feats such as the launching of the most powerful supercomputer in Russia and Commonwealth independent states. Their business school is also rated as one the best 100 in the world receiving the ‘Ed Palmes award’ in 2017. It encourages student to study but still provides enough facilities for them to feel comfortable. The institution also possesses a great set of staff who are understanding and committed to teaching their courses for better understanding.

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