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List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany to Study in English Language

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    Not everybody can afford to pay tuition fees charged by universities abroad, hence the need for them to study in tuition free universities or apply for scholarships. Getting fully funded scholarships these days isn’t easy at all, so the only option left for the poor students is to apply to study in tuition free universities. At the moment, it’s only two countries in Germany that are operating tuition free education for international students. These two countries are Germany and Norway. In today’s article, we shall be focusing on tuition free universities in Germany.

    Germany is located in the western  part of Europe. It’s a country made up of  landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. It has over 2 millennia of history. Berlin, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to WWII. Munich is known for its Oktoberfest and beer halls, including the 16th-century Hofbräuhaus. Frankfurt, with its skyscrapers, houses the European Central Bank. Germany borders about nine European countries, second only to Russia: Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Switzerland (its only non-EU neighbor) and Austria in the south, France in the southwest and Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the west.

    Cost of Living in Germany for Students

    As a student it’s important that you know the cost of living in the country you are applying for studies. Cost of living varies from one country to another. It’s high in some countries and affordable in other countries. In Germany, the cost of living is put at 500 to 600 Euros per month. This amount covers the cost of feeding, accommodation, transportation, etc. Before you apply for visa, the embassy will want to see that you have about 10,000 Euros in a block account which will take care of your living expenses for one year. If you are unable to provide this, then you should be able to get a sponsorship letter from one who’s living and working in Germany. The person will state in the letter that he/she will take care of your studying and living expenses in Germany.

    How to apply for admission

    If you want to study in Germany, the first step is to find out the university that offers your course of study. You can click here to start your search. Once you have chosen a university, contact them through their website and request for application materials or information. Most schools accept their application online, while others use Uni-assist for it.

    List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany to Study in English Language

    • Hochschule Mannheim –University of Applied Sciences
    • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    • Berlin International University of Applied Sciences
    • Bremen University of Applied Sciences
    • Jacobs University
    • Technische Universitat Munchen
    • University of Gottingen
    • Max Planck Institute
    • Freie Universitat Berlin
    • University of Freiburg
    • Technische Universitat Dresden
    • Munich University of Applied Sciences
    • University of Bonn
    • Saarland University
    • ULM University
    • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
    • University of Bayreuth
    • WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
    • University of Stuttgart
    • RWTH Aachen University
    • HTW Berlin
    • Technische Universitat Berlin
    • TU Darmstadt
    • University of Erfurt

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