List of top tuition free universities in the world

germanyHave you not qualified for a full-fledged university scholarship? Then a better option for you would be to opt for a university that offers tuition free scholarships or the one that is tuition free overall. There are certain countries that offer tuition free education for international students, such as Austria, Finland, Sweden, Germany, etc. Go through the list below and choose the one that would suit you the most.

Options available in Finland

In Finland, currently tuition fee is not charged currently, no matter whichever the grade or nationality of the student is. But even if there are no tuition fees, one must smartly plan their finances, such as of boarding, food, grocery, travelling, etc. One is expected to cover their everyday expenses independently when studying in Finland. Currently, only for doctoral level studies and research, scholarships are available. The average expenses of a student are expected to be around 500 to 800 Euros on a monthly basis. If you learn Finnish or Swedish, then you can also work part time in Finland.

Options available in Austria

For non-EU/EEA students, the public as well as federal universities charge around 360 to 730 Euros for tuition fees each semester, along with a fee of 17 to 18 Euros for the membership of the Student Union and less than 1 Euro per semester as insurance fee. At the public universities in Austria, you will be exempted from paying the tuitions fees if you come from a least developed country, but will only be required to pay the fees for the Student Union as well as the insurance fee. Approximately, 800 Euros per month is estimated to be the cost of living for the students in Austria, and which includes the personal expenses, such as of food, accommodation as well as travelling.

Options available in Norway

As per the rules of the Norwegian state universities and state colleges, all the students including the international students are not charged any tuition fee. All the programs, such as of undergraduate, Masters and PhD. Apply the same principles. Certain state universities, however, charge a tuition fee for specialized programs at the Master’s level. But the international students are not required to pay more than the students who are the citizens of Norway. The expenses of living in Norway are around 90,000 to 100,000 NOK annually, which are higher than the other countries.

Options available in Germany

All the students, including the international students, will not be charged any tuition fee from all the universities in Germany for undergraduate studies. About 50 Euros are charged as semester contribution by certain universities in the federal states and sometimes, admission fees of about the same amount, which is 50 Euros. However, most of the Master’s and PhD. Level studies in the country are fee-based. In Germany, the students are supposed to spend about 500 to 800 Euros their personal expenses, such as for accommodation, travel, food, etc.

Other than these, certain universities also offer free online courses as well as degrees. University of the People is the first country to have taken such an initiative to give access to higher education on a global level.

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