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List Of Private Universities In Canada and their Rankings

    Trinity Western University: The role of the private university in ...Alot of persons prefer private universities over public universities, and who doesn’t? Private universities offer a whole lot of advantages over public universities. I’ll quickly tell you why that is so.

    5 Reasons Why Private Universities is of More Advantage:

    1. Graduate faster

    In private universities, a three-year degree can be completed in just two years! Many courses offer an accelerated study option. It’s every students’ dream to gain admission into a university and graduate as soon as possible, to work in an industry of their choice and to start earning some real money.

    2.Engaging Teachers

    The lecturers in private universities are more of mentors. Lectures are more engaging. Teachers are more of people who have worked ( or may still be working)  in the industry . Hence, students in private universities learn from firsthand stories of experiences from experts in the field.

    1. Portable-sized Classes and interactive classes.

    Another advantageous aspect of private universities is the portable class size. Why is this advantageous? Research proves that students learn and perform better in smaller classes. A class with students fewer than 30, for example, enjoy better communication with lecturers and students. Students are more likely to  participate more during classes.

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    4.More Emphasis on Industry experience

    Private universities tend to have a much heavier emphasis on gaining practical skills through placements rather than just learning theory. This is great for students because industry placements affords you job experiences even you graduate and start working.

    1. Study now, pay later

    Some private universities in Canada, also creates opportunities for their students who cannot afford  the tuition fees, to study for some time and pay later. You study and repay the money once you start earning above a certain amount.

    Now let’s delve into the main reason for this article:

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    1. Trinity Western University
    2. Quest University Canada
    3. Redeemer University
    4. Concordia University
    5. Tyndale University
    6. Ashton College Vancouver
    7. University of Fredericton
    8. St. Mary’s University
    9. Augustan University College
    10. 10.Kingswood University
    1. Canadian Mennonite University
    2. Yorkville University
    3. Atlantic School of Theology
    4. Ambrose University
    5. Lansbridge University
    6. University of Toronto
    7. Institute for Christian Studies
    8. The King’s University
    9. Burman University
    10. Crandall University
    11. St. Stephen’s University
    12. University Canada West
    13. Université de Saint-Boniface
    14. Collége Universitaire Dominican
    15. Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

    The private universities in Canada are very much creative, high-intensity curricula; very low teacher-student ratios with teachers who are committed to teaching, and an atmosphere free from faculty – level politicking.


    Let us consider a brief  overview of 5 private universities in Canada.


    Trinity Western University formerly known as Trinity Western College, was founded in 1962. The university campus spreads over an area of 157 acres of land. Students in Trinity Western University enjoy a calm, conducive learning environment.

    Students are encouraged to learn more and gain experiences during IT placements  and industry tours.

    The university has produced notable and reputable men and women who are world recognized writers, musicians, authors, professors and so on.

    Tuition Fee: $22,260


    Quest University Canada is one of the private universities in Canada. The Quest University Canada was established in September 2007.

    It is a non- profit liberal arts and sciences university specifically in Squeamish, British Colombia, Canada.

    Quest University Canada is fully accredited and approved by the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB) under the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education

    Tuition Fee: In-students: $35, 875

    International students: $35, 875


    Situated in Hamilton, Canada, Redeemer University, is a private Christian Christian university offering programs leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees.

    Founded in 2005, Redeemer University is ranked #51 among other universities.

    Tuition Fee: 1,000- 2000 US$


    Concordia University is described as is one of Canada’s most innovative and diverse, comprehensive universities. The university was founded in 1974.

    Tuition Fee: Concordia University is one of the most affordable universities in Canada.

    Tuition Fee is around : $19, 802.

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    Yorkville University of Toronto, is a Canadian national university that delivers leading professional degree programs through traditional and interactive course-delivery models.

    Yorkville University was founded in 2003. It is ranked #75 in  Canada.

    Tuition Fee is around: $20,000.

    So you can now see the list of private universities in Canada and the benefit associated with studying in Canada. If you have a question about this article, kindly drop it in the comment box below.

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