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List Of Medical Universities In Finland Plus Ranking, Cost Of Living Etc

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    Have you been searching for a homely country to study medicine ? Search no further! Finland medical universities are founded with high quality education. The instructors of the medical universities in Finland are esteemed researchers. Their wealth of experience in the medical field makes it easier for them to teach their students both practically and theoretically. The tuition fees for most of these universities are very affordable.

    Here are some of the Top & Affordable medical universities in Finland

    List of Medical Universities in Finland

    1. University of Eastern Finland
    2. University of Helsinki- Faculty of Medicine
    3. University of Kuopio- Faculty of Medicine
    4. University of Oulu- Faculty of Medicine
    5. University of Tampere- Medical School
    6. University of Turku- Faculty of Medicine
    7. University of Jyvaskyla

    We’ve provided a brief overview of four (4) of the above listed medical universities in Finland. Here they are:

    1. University of Turku:

    Students of the University of Turku describes the University of Turku as the most international university in Finland.

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    University of Turku Rankings:

    The university is ranked:   #287 by  QRS Ranking 2020

    It is also ranked #351 by THE Ranking 2020

    ARWU Ranking ranks University of Turku #301.

    1. University of Eastern Finland

    University of Eastern Finland is a well sought-after study destination for quality education. The university cares for its students educational wellbeing.

    University of Eastern Finland  applies the latest teaching methods based on the recent available research.

    University of Eastern Rankings:

    The University of Eastern Finland belongs to the top 500 universities in the world and the top 200 universities in Europe.

    QS University Ranking ranks The University of Eastern 2020 #498

    THE Ranking 2020 of University of Eastern is # 401

    ARWU Ranking of University of Eastern is #401.

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    1. University of Oulu

    The degree programme in medicine leads to the degree of Licentiate of Medicine.  The degree programme in Medicine leads directly to the degree of Licentiate of Medicine without the completion of a separate Bachelor’s Degree.

    Undergraduate Medical students in University of Oulu are well prepared for a career as a physician as well as for professional  and scientific post-graduate education.  The University of Oolu has all the required standard apparatus, equipment and facilities to achieve its goal.

    After graduation,  students cab work in the fields of teaching and research as well as in other positions as an expert in the field of medicine.

    1. University of Helsinki:

    The Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, offers the undergraduate degrees of Licentiate of Medicine, Licentiate of Dentistry, and Master of Science (graduates from the international Master’s Programme in Translational Medicine). The undergraduate degrees of the Faculty of Medicine will also include the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Master of Arts (Psychology) as well as the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts with a major in logopedics.

    The Faculty’s undergraduate education great a convenient environment for its medical students to unlearn and learn, and to  critically assess and apply scientific information.

    According to The World University Rankings 2020, The University of Helsinki is ranked #107.

    Duration of Study in these Medical Universities in Finland: Six (6) years with a credit level of 360 ECTS credits.

    Language Used For Training:

    Most of the above listed medical universities in Finland has English as one of the major languages for teaching. Also of interest is the fact that on a Master’s degree level, some medical sciences programs are also available in English.


    Coming into Finland as an international student, you may be worried about the cost of living in Finland. “Would it be affordable or pocket cracking?” you  may ask.

    There’s good news! The cost of living in Finland is fair. In Finland, you will need between 700 – 900 EUR/month, depending on the area in which you will live.


    Several years back university education used to be free in Finland. No student was asked to pay tuition fees at all, but that has changed now. Finnish universities now impose tuition fees. So if you are planning to study in Finland, also plan for your tuition fees which usually range form 5000 Euros to 18000 Euros per year. You can click here to get more information about tuition fees.


    Finnish higher education institutions offer a range of scholarship options for those non-EU/EEA students who are required to pay tuition fees.

    Each university/UAS has its own scholarship system, so the kinds of scholarship available and any tuition fees you are expected to cover will depend on the institution and the degree programme in question. The details of scholarships for each programme can be seen from the degree programme description.

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    Applying for admission to study in Finland is not difficult at all. The application process is done online and all documents uploaded to the school via the online platform. Before you start the process ensure that you have all your school results, transcripts and data page of international passport as they may be required during the online application process. To access the online application platform click here .

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