List of tuition fees in Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, and Netherlands

europe xThe list below provides a list of European Universities providing low or free tuition fee for students residing within and without Europe

  • Slovenia

Slovenia offers free tuition fee for both EU students and international Students residing in countries outside Europe, but have agreement with Slovenia. This offer is valid only within Government owned Universities and colleges in Slovenia.

  • Hungary

Depending upon program of study and University, Tuition fees usually differs. Students outside EU shall be expected to pay a fee of roughly €1,000 for every semester. Students who are beneficiaries of the state-funded scheme shall be exempted from paying tuition fees.

  • Portugal

In Portugal, students both at Master’s and Bachelor’s level are expected to pay an average of € 950 – 1250 for every academic year. For higher degree such as PhD, students are charged € 2,500 – 3,000 for every academic session.


  • Ireland

Bachelor’s Degree students who are beneficiaries of free tuition fee scheme are allowed to study without paying. Postgraduate student within EU shall pay their fees as stipulated by the University or college of their choice. Student outside European Union shall pay 100% of their fees.

  • Netherland

Student within the European Union shall pay a discounted fee of €1,906 while Students outside the European Union shall pay 100% of their tuition including all cost that shall be incurred in the course of registration.