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List Of Cheapest Tuition Undergraduate Programs In Europe For International Students

    Are you not sure what Undergraduate Programme to choose for your abroad study exploit? Do you worry that you may not have the needed finances to pursue it? Well, you’re not alone one out there! Be assured that it’s not a storm!!

    If you’re still trying to decide on a future and the financial factor is a big part of your decision, we’ve selected some of the cheapest tuition undergraduate programs you might want to consider for your study in some European countries.

    General tuition costs rules for Undergraduate Programmes in Europe

    Apart from some countries (such as, Germany or Norway), where higher education in public universities is free (as long as you meet the qualifications and requirements), most universities in Europe charge tuition fees for students from outside the EU.

    Although you should not choose your study degree simply based on the affordability criteria, you can check some of the most affordable programmes devoted to non-EU or international students, offered by universities in EU countries.

    Undergraduate Programme in Political Science in Europe

    The average tuition fees for Political Science Undergraduate Programmes are as follows:

    • In Lithuania, 1,700 EUR/year;
    • In Spain: 1,700 EUR/year;
    • In Netherlands, 2,000 EUR/year.

    If you like history, but are also curious to learn more about international relations and law, Political Science is the degree you are looking for.

    An Undergraduate Programme in Political Science will help you appreciate how governments function and how the social, cultural, and economic context of a nation influences local and international affairs of state. By studying Undergraduate Programmes in Political Science, you will have a clearer view regarding the types of political organizations that ruled universally.

    Undergraduate Programmes in Economics in Europe

    If you’re interested in Undergraduate Programmes in Economics, you should definitively check the average tuition fees for Economics degrees in the following countries:

    • Hungary: 2,200 EUR/year;
    • Lithuania: 1,700 EUR/year;
    • Italy: 1,400 EUR/year.

    An Economics Undergraduate Programme provides students with a holistic outlook of all elements of the economy. Economics studies involve learning about microeconomics and macroeconomics.

    As the skills of an economics specialist are moveable in many industries, graduates of an Economics Undergraduate Programme have access to a wide range of career opportunities. They can find finance positions in the public sector and in banking and insurance companies, and work in a marketing or human resources department within any firm.

    Undergraduate Programmes in Journalism in Europe

    If you’re interested in what makes a story good or motivating, you should definitively try a Undergraduate Programme in Journalism, especially when tuition fees are so cheap in Europe. For instance:

    • In Germany: 5,000 EUR/year(private Universities);
    • In Latvia: 3,000 EUR/year;
    • In Spain: 2,300 EUR/year;
    • In Ireland: 800 EUR/year.

    Journalism Undergraduate Programmes are devoted to those students that like to tell and/or write a good story. Students admitted into an Undergraduate Programme in Journalism learn how to gather and research relevant information and how to use it and change it in a way that captivates readers or viewers.

    You can concentrate in several sub-fields of Journalism, such as:

    • investigative journalism,
    • television journalist,
    • Newspapers or magazines writer.

    After graduation, you can find jobs in many areas that are somewhat related to Journalism, such as PR, communications, or marketing.

    Undergraduate Programmes in Education in Europe

    If you like children and also feel you have that special gift to pass on your knowledge to others, then probably an Education Undergraduate Programme is the best for you. If pursuing such a degree in Europe is your dream, you should know that the average tuition fee for Education degrees is:

    • Portugal: 3,000 EUR/year;
    • Hungary: 2,000 EUR/year;
    • Lithuania: 2,000 EUR/year.

    During an Education Undergraduate Programme, you will learn how to communicate more effectively with children, but you will also learn techniques about how to communicate with adults as well. Students enrolled in an undergraduate Education degree will develop creativity and organisational skills and will also gain abilities in teaching various concepts in a simple and comprehensible manner.

    After finishing an Education programme, you can pursue careers such as teacher, trainer, tutor, school administrator, school counsellor, and more.

    Undergraduate Programme in Design in Europe

    Generally speaking, Design deals with learning how to execute any type of item that future customers will find very useful, easy to use with aesthetic features, as well.

    If that sounds amazing, you should know that the average tuition fees for Design Undergraduate Programmes are:

    • Netherlands: 5,500 EUR/year;
    • Hungary: 3,000 EUR/year;
    • Switzerland: 2,000 EUR/year;
    • Italy: 1,300 EUR/year.

    Undergraduate Programmes in Design are very sought these days, as elements of design are the first step before creating any type of product.

    The broad field of Design includes sub-specializations, such as graphic design, which implies more elements related to visual communication, or interior design, that integrates knowledge of ergonomics, architectural planning, and technical graphics.

    Design graduates can find jobs like industrial designer, graphic designer, web designer, interior designer, and even more ‘designer’s.

    Undergraduate Programmes in Nursing in Europe

    A Undergraduate Programme in Nursing involves learning various medical techniques in order to help people to recover their health and increase the quality of their life. If you’re considering Nursing as a future career, you should know that the average tuition fees for Nursing degrees in Europe are:

    • Lithuania: 3,000 EUR/year;
    • Switzerland: 1,500 EUR/year;
    • Austria: 700 EUR/year.

    Curricula in Nursing covers subject areas like anatomy and physiology, statistics, nutrition and diet, nursing theory and research. You will also have the chance to engage in practical work in hospitals and nursing homes, and provide and monitor patient care.

    Undergraduate Programmes in Languages in Europe

    Learning a foreign language these days is very beneficial, as students graduating from a Language Undergraduate Programme can work in almost any field they can imagine. That’s why you should know that the average tuition fees for Language Undergraduate Programmes are:

    • Czech Republic: 3,000 EUR/year;
    • Poland: 2,500 EUR/year;
    • Portugal: 1,100 EUR/year;
    • Switzerland: 700 – 1,400 EUR/year.

    While pursuing a Language Undergraduate Programme, you will develop excellent oral and written communication skills, and will be able to make detailed research on any topic regarding linguistics.

    Graduates of a Language programme usually pursue careers like: interpreter, journalist, translator, language researcher, or teacher. However, as mentioned above, career prospects are pretty wide, you just have to know the exact fields that search for candidates who know the language that you learned in school.


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