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List of Best College Majors for the Future

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    Most students pursue some college majors without considering the career prospect of such program. As a student it’s important that you consider the job prospect of any major before you spend your time, energy and resources in pursuit of it. In today’s article we shall be looking at top 7 college majors that hold a promising career path for students in the future.


    Graduates of pharmacology are one of the highest paid today.  For you to get job as a pharmacologist, you must have a bachelor’s degree at least and the salary usually increases as the person acquires a higher degree.

    Job opportunities for pharmacologists

    The services of pharmacologists are usually needed in hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. They can earn up to $100,000 with their degree, if they are experienced. It is estimated that by 2020, the employment growth for this noble profession will by 25%.

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    Aviation and Aeronautics Technology

    This is another interesting but tough college major. Most students who pursue this program in colleges always find it difficult, probably because of the mathematics and series of calculations in it. Students who are able to crack this tough major and come out with a degree, always earn a good salary. This program has two specializations, the engineering option and the pilot option. What this means is that you can choose to major as a pilot or as an engineer.

    Job opportunities

    Graduates of this major mostly find work in airlines and airplane manufacturing companies. They usually earn between $60,000 to $70,000, and the employment rate is projected to grow by 5% in 2020.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy program or major is another college major that is difficult. However, students who are able to overcome the difficulties in the course usually get rewarded with a high pay cheque. This program deals with Anatomy, Health Sciences and Biology.

    Job opportunities

    Physical therapists can find jobs in places like hospitals and rehabilitation homes and they can earn up to about $66, 0000. It is estimated that 2020, the employment opportunities for physical therapists will increase by 32%.


    The demand for nurses has always been high and will continue that way as the population of newborns and elderly people continue to grow with each passing day. For you to become a licensed nurse, you should have a bachelors or associate degree in nursing. The bachelor degree can be completed in 4 years, while the associate degree can be completed in two to three years.

    Job opportunities

    Nurses are needed in places like the hospitals and healthcare facilities. They earn about $60,000 and the employment rate is expected to increase by 26% in 2020.

    Construction Management

    This is another major that is in high demand. Construction management degree can be completed in three to four years time in universities or colleges.

    Job opportunities

    Since employment managers build houses and structures, the skills is usually demanded in construction companies. They can earn about $50,000 and the employment growth is projected at 17% by 2020.

    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering major is one of the easiest Engineering majors and it comes with high employment opportunities. To become a qualified Electrical Engineer, you should pursue a degree in this field which usually lasts for 3 to 5 years.

    Job opportunities

    Electrical Engineers are usually needed in places like power plants, large manufacturing facilities and other major companies. The average salary is $60,000 and the job opportunity is expected to increase by 6% in 2020.

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    Computer Information Systems (CIS)

    People that specialize in computer Information Systems or ICT are in high demand now since we are living in a computer age where everything we do is controlled by computer or information technology. As a graduate of this major, you can decide to work from home or stay in an office. It takes about 3 to 4 years to complete this major in an college or university with internship.

    Job opportunity

    Graduates of this major work in IT firms, computer centers or from home. The average salary for a graduate is $60,000 with a projected employment growth of 18% by 2020.


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