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Lafayette College: History, Rankings and Acceptance Rate

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    Are you aware of the acceptance rate for Lafayette College? If no, you are reading the right article! Before we get started, however, let’s discuss the history and background of this university! Lafayette College is an outstanding liberal arts institution located in Easton, Pennsylvania with another beautiful campus in New York City. The school officially started in 1826 with the first academic session commencing in 1829 with four students attending. Classes started about three years after the commencement of the academic session with 43 students.

    It is interesting that Lafayette College is an institution that awards only undergraduate degrees and divided into two major categories, the bachelor of art class that awards degrees in 37 courses and the bachelor of science class that awards degrees in 14 disciplines that includes Engineering. The institution became a coeducational institution sometimes in 1968 and 1970 when the school opened its doors to 143 women. The university eventually appointed its first female president, Dr. Alison R. Byerly in 2013.

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    On top of this, the university has a satellite campus in New York. What really distinguishes this institution is the field of sports. The school is popular for its derby with Lehigh University, which is called “The Rivalry.” This rivalry started out in 1884 between the football teams of the institutions of higher learning and holds the prestigious record of being the most-played rivalry in college football’s history having competed  against each other for record 154 times.

    Lafayette College also has a reputation for having a high enrollment of out-of-state students, with the number at a whopping 83% of the student population coming from the other 49 states of the US. If you are interested in attending this college, you should be an excellent student because the acceptance rate at Lafayette College is 29%.

    Per academic ranking, the institution stands out amongst other liberal arts colleges in the US. Using statistics from the Times Higher Education report, the institution sits at no. 70 on the list of institutes of higher learning in the country. Forbes ranks Lafayette at the 58th position among the schools in the US. The U.S. News & World Report in its last report positioned the institution at no. 36 on the list of institutes of higher learning that offers only a bachelor’s degree respectively.

    When we talk in terms of student activities and organizations, there are several fraternities and sororities in the school in addition to volunteer groups and other organizations. The institution equally provides accommodation for its students, with about 96% of the students living in dormitories within the school premises.

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    What is the Acceptance Rate at Lafayette College?

    When compared to other institutions with similar standing, Lafayette College acceptance rate is a bit low. In the last five years, the acceptance rate at Lafayette College is about 29%. It is important to point out that the institution enrols more women than men during admission exercise. Using the last admission cycle for example, the institution accepted 33% of female freshmen that applied to the school, while it accepted only 26% male freshmen. The school has a high enrolment rate, with 98% of the students awarded admission.

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