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Join FABS For The Best Industry Exposure And Placements


    What college a student chooses for a postgraduate education can play an important role in making or breaking his career. Thus, choosing the ‘right’ college can make a huge difference. But, who’s to decide what’s the best, what’s right and what’s not?

    Of course, when looking for a college what most people look for is a great placements system, experienced faculty, amazing infrastructure and a good learning environment. However, it can get hard to find a college that has all of these facilities as a few colleges might offer one facility while some other college may offer others. 

    Many colleges offer great placements; but, what about inculcating the qualities in students that make them ready for facing the corporate world? So, along with all of these facilities, a college should also be able to provide its students with the right kind of exposure so that when they enter the industries, they already know what to expect and are prepared for everything. 

    But what college offers that on top of all the great facilities that it’s already providing? Well, if you find yourself wondering this, you are about to be proven wrong. 

    Fazlani Academy of Business Sciences (FABS), one of the top management colleges in Mumbai is a college that offers all of this! FABS is changing the face of how we’ve known ‘learning’ with a whole new perspective. Along with getting the best of all amenities, one of the main reasons why so many students choose FABS for pursuing their management education is that with FABS, your placement is guaranteed. In fact, without a placement, you cannot pursue a degree at FABS! Great concept, right?

    FABS offers the following four PG management programs:

    1. PGPEM in Applied Human Resource Management
    2. PGPEM in Operations Management
    3. PGPEM in Investment Banking and Operations Securities
    4. PGPEM in Sales and Marketing Management

    The way that FABS works is this:

    • First, a student appears an entrance test called the ‘FABSAT’.
    • Upon clearing the test, the next step for the students is a psychometric analysis.
    • The students who clear the first two rounds and are shortlisted are then eligible to appear corporate interviews for three companies.


    Only when a student gets placed at one of those companies, the management program begins. Thus, a student is already has a job in hand even before his postgraduate degree program begins. Truly an amazing concept, isn’t it? And for the students who are unable to ace any of the three interviews cannot pursue their management degree at FABS. 

    The companies that hire from FABS are giants that include Genpact, Haiko Logistic, Motilal Oswal, HCL, Cox & Kings- among many others. 

    Getting a placement before admissions is just one of the things that makes FABS stand out. Wondering what’s the second thing? The curriculum at FABS is designed in such a way that along with providing the students with the necessary theoretical knowledge, it also provides the students with practical knowledge that’s relevant from an industry point of view. So, a FABS student is equipped with the necessary theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

    More than learning between the walls of a classroom, a management student also needs the necessary skills needed to survive the corporate world. This again is covered by FABS. The FABS curriculum is so unique that a 9-month internship at the same company where a student gets placed is included as a part of the management program. This internship serves as a great learning opportunity for the students. The students work directly in the companies and get a chance to learn from the industry experts. This gives them a great opportunity to learn about how things actually work inside an industry, how the processes go about etc.

    The best thing about the internship is that all the guidance provided is by experts who have been in the industry for years. So, along with getting hands-on training from the experts, the students also get to rub shoulders with global corporates from early on in their career. The internship is paid too and the experience gained during the course of the 9-month internship counts as relevant experience.

    Along with providing a complete 360-degree learning experience to the students, FABS also provides its students with the best industry exposure. The FABS management programs groom their students in such a way that when the 2-year program ends, the students are professionally groomed and ready to take on any challenge that might come their way. 

    FABS also comes equipped with the best amenities. It has a beautiful campus with trees and glass buildings. FABS also provides its students with great study spots, coffee shops and gym inside the college campus. 

    So, where else can one get a better deal? Fulfill your dream of pursuing a management degree and get your career sorted with FABS!

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