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Importance of commerce stream

    The commerce stream after completion of Class 10 is becoming a popular choice across Canada and India and now you can comfortably study bachelor of Commerce in Canada.

    Indeed, the commerce stream continues to offer local and international students a wide range of career options to pursue after class 12, that would bring them success as well as financial security easily. However, what most students do not know is that just as is the case with the science stream or courses, a student also needs to have the right aptitude for commerce in order to be successful.

    In this post, we will list reasons you should choose commerce. This will help you gauge whether or not you are meant to pursue a career in this field, its importance, nature and future careers. The sections below provide a detailed explanation of what this stream is all about.

    Definition of Commerce

    Commerce as a stream of education is the study of trade and business activities such as the large scale exchange of goods and services from the producer to the buyer/final consumer. The qualifying subjects that are taught in the commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 include the following: economics, accountancy and business studies. We would encourage you to choose this field if you have a genuine interest in these courses and a strong affinity for numbers, the economy and business!


    Important reasons to study economics:

    • Economics as a social science is the careful and extensive study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services on a micro or macro scale.
    • Economics has two important branches – micro-economics, where the unit of analysis is basically the individual agent, such as a household or firm, and macro-economics, where the unit of analysis is the economy as a whole.
    • Studying economics allows you the opportunity to learn more about how the world works as it gives you knowledge about the impact that these decisions have on companies, industries and nations across the world. Not only that, it also shows the impact of international trade, both good and bad, the effects government policies have on the economy and on job creation.
    • You’ve probably seen how economic reasoning and theories have been increasingly applied in recent times to not only economies but also different social situations where there is no money involved, such as politics, law, psychology, history, religion, marriage and family life, and more.


    Business studies is a super important subject for commerce students. Here are some of the reasons why a student should study business:

    • Business studies basically deals with the operation and organization of modern business enterprises. This subject covers key features of a business firm, such as how a firm is affected in different business scenarios.
    • The primary areas of study in the subject include business organizations, their many features, structure and functioning, marketing, operations management, human resource management, etc.
    • Studying business affords a scholar or student the opportunity to observe and analyze the behavior and tactics of different firms.
    • The subject of business studies is more than just mastering the art of doing business. In fact, it keeps students abreast with the corporate culture and prepares them for a successful professional life in the corporate world.
    • Business activities as we’ve all seen affects the daily lives of everyone in the society from young to old. It also leads to the creation of jobs, income channels, opportunities for entrepreneurship, and generally improves standards of living of all individuals. Studying business thus allows you to understand how business activities influence the society and the economy directly and indirectly.

    Students who are determined to take up the commerce stream should bear in mind that this course is not an easy way out or an alternative to science. Both science and commerce are both complex fields of studies in their own ways and cannot be compared or contrasted. Thus, if a local or international student wishes to pursue the commerce stream purely because they feel that science is not the most viable stream for them, they should consider this decision wisely. The commerce stream should thus be pursued by students with the right aptitude as well as an avid interest in the program.


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