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How to Study Study Masters in Monaco: Application Process, Tuition and Cost of Living





    Monaco has a university located in Monaco that specializes in business education. It seeks to educate business leaders from all over the world by teaching in small, stimulating, cross-cultural academic environment that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration and mutual understanding among students, faculty and staff.

    Programs are typically taught in conjunction with the international business community and foster high value service activities, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

    Monaco is a top rated centre for business in Europe, and as equally gained the reputation for being a safe environment. Students are taught business skills, gather practical experience and go through personal development that will enable excel in their future careers.

    It is important that find the best information about what it’s like to study on cheap tuition in Monaco, including degree course offers, career opportunities, student life, living costs, and alot more. 

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    Accomodation and Living in Monaco

    • It is interesting to note that the university has laid down agreements with trusted landlords who rent out apartments to students.
    • The university also provides an extensive choice of indoor and outdoor activities such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, dance, yoga, zumba and sailing.
    • Monaco is equally one of the safest places to live and and establish business as well.
    • Low taxation fosters entrepreneurship and business development.
    • Monte-Carlo Casino and Opera House is the setting for international operatic creations, prestigious concerts, and exceptional ballets.
    • Annual revenues from the Monaco Casino only represent around 5% of the Principality’s GDP.
    • Accommodation in Monaco starts at about 3,000 EUR/month for an apartment.
    • Food cost is roughly  €400/month.
    • Monaco is a fantastic country focused on issues concerning the environment, oceans protection and sustainable development on a global scale
    • It’s also one of the world’s sporting capitals, host of several prestigious competitions.
    • Monaco runs a popular policy of garden and park development. You will discover about 250,000 m2 of spectacular gardens.
    • Monte-Carlo is equally one of the most expensive and exclusive shopping locations in the world.
    • Even though French is the official language in Monaco, most people can speak both English and Italian.
    • One of the  things that readily comes to anyone’s mind when you mention Monaco is the Grand Prix. Without any doubt, it is the world’s most famous car race event in the world and happens every year in May.

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    How to Apply to a Master’s in Monaco

    Once you’ve made your mind to study a Master’s degree at a university in Monaco, you will have to put together the right documents to prove that you satisfy the university requirements. Do well to provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement.

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    What documents should I provide to apply to a university  in Monaco?

    Inorder to apply to a university in Monaco you will likely be asked to provide some of the documents listed below :

    • birth certificate;
    • recent photos;
    • your passport or national identity card;
    • one or two reference letters from previous employers or teachers;
    • copies of academic diplomas or certificates, including your Bachelor’s degree transcripts;
    • academic transcripts;
    • letter of intent;
    • Curriculum Vitae;
    • Financial proof that you can support your stay in the country during your program.

    Based on the subject or specialization of your chosen Master’s, you may be required to provide scores for standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT or LSAT. Check if your programme requires any of these, or others.

    The list of documents depends on the specific requirements of universities in Monaco so you might be asked to include additional documents. It’s also likely you’ll have to provide official English translations of your documents, or translations in the local language.

    Prove your English skills

    Because you’ll study an international degree in English, you’ll have to present a language certificate. Some popular options for international students are IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced language certificates. You’ll have to meet a minimum language score set by the university, and your test scores shouldn’t be older than 1-2 years. If you don’t meet the minimum language requirements, you will have to improve your skills and scores by taking an English preparation course.

    Application deadlines for Monaco

    The deadlines for applying to a Master’s in Monaco are usually during summer (June-July), or in winter (January-February).Bear in mind that some universities do not have fixed application deadlines, so you can apply whenever you are ready.

    Inorder to avoid late submissions or missed deadlines, do well to submit your required documents with plenty of time in advance

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