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How to Study Medicine on Cheapest Tuition in English in Belarus





    If you did not know studying medicine in Belarus in English is one of the cheapest and cost effective option to become a medical doctor for international students seeking medical studies abroad. Infact, education and public health are top priorities for the Republic of Belarus, all medical universities in Belarus adhere to European standards and their medical qualifications are recognised the world over.

    The truth is that medical training in Belarus is done using up-to-date educational technologies utilizing high quality methods of practical medical processes that mold health professionals to become competitive and flexible in the job market.

    If you choose to study medicine in Belarus, you’ll be in a country which has a well-structured National Health system and fantastic quality of top performing medical training institutions (medical colleges and universities) that employ an updated content structure of medical and pharmaceutical education.

    Medical programs in Belarus are organised by the state and begin with high schools and universities eventually. This aptly explains why public health care system in Belarus is rated 93% and regulated by the State.

    State Medical Colleges  

    There are roughly 14 Medical colleges in Belarus that offer 3 –year specialties (2 years and 10 months), in the following fields:

    • general medicine;
    • nursing;
    • medical diagnostics;
    • medical prophylaxis;
    • medical rehabilitation;
    • medical massage;
    • stomatology;
    • prosthetic dentistry;
    • pharmacy         
    • Universities of Medicine in Belarus

    Ar the moment, there are four State Medical Universities in Belarus. Even though the main language of instruction in Belarus is Russian, some undergraduate medical programs are available in English. Medical programs in Belarus are 6-years phased out in the following:

    • During the first three years students study fundamental science programs such as anatomy, histology, biology, chemistry, physics, Latin and any international language, philosophy as well;
    • Students in year 4-6 spend most of their time in hospitals and polyclinics learning about internal and surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, pediatrics and many other subjects;
    • summer practical training: nursing – after the 3rd course, outpatient practice – after the 4th course, and inpatient practice – after the 5th course;

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    Low Tuition Medical Universities in Belarus:

    • Belarusian State Medical University;
    • Vitebsk State Medical University;
    • Grodno State Medical University;
    • Gomel State Medical University;

    Generally, medical universities in Belarus are organised in Faculties and international students receive training from faculty members. In order to study medicine in Belarus, international student are able to study in English or Russian. International citizens who lack the requisite knowledge of the Russian language or those who intend to be better prepared for the entrance examinations do the Preparatory language program designed for international Students. The program includes basic subjects to enter the University (Russian, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics). This preparatory course gives direct access to university studies in the chosen field.

    Belarus Medical University Program leads to a diploma of a physician and a degree of a Doctor of Medicine. Then graduates undergo a one-year qualification apprenticeship: they work as doctors-probationers under the supervision of the skilled doctors

    Belarusian State Medical University

    Belarusian State Medical University is at the Tertiary medical educational institution of the Republic of Belarus (2001) and has gained worldwide international authority and recognition.

    The Medical University of Belarus was founded sometime in 1921 as a Medical Faculty and as part of Belarusian State University. The Medical Faculty officially became the State Medical University of Belarus in 1930.

    Faculties of Belarusian State Medical University

    Medical Faculty for International Students:

    The Medical Faculty of Belarusian State Medical University for International Students is equipped to provide training in Russian and English languages in the specialties shown below:

    General Medicine: This is a 6-year program, that leads to becoming a Physician. The programs concentrate mainly on Therapy, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

    Dentistry: This is a 5-year program which would culminate in a student becoming a Dental Physician. The graduates work as general dentists, dental therapeutics, orthodontists, prosthodontics, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, maxillofacial

    Preventive Medicine: 6-year program, leading to Physician. The graduates work as sanitation doctors, microbiologists, radiation hygiene doctors, epidemiologists and public health physicians.

    Pharmacy: 6-year program, leading to Pharmacist. The specialists work at the chemist’s, in pharmaceutical industry, scientific and research laboratories.

    The medical trainings are carried out on a fee paid basis. Graduates are awarded Internationally Recognized Diplomas.

    Tuition fees and expenses

    Medical Study Tuition fees:

    Programs                                                  Fees (USD)/year

    Russian Preparatory courses:                       2500

    English Preparatory courses:                       3000

    Dentistry program in Russian:                          3820

    Dentistry Program in English:                           4800

    General medicine program in Russian:               3450

    General medicine program in English:               4200

    Preventive Medicine program in Russian:           3450

    Pharmacy program in Russian:                        3450

    Others expenses:

    Accommodation fee (hostel)                                     720

    Registration                                                         ≈50

    Medical insurance                                                  170

    Medical check-up                                                  ≈100

    Average cost of living                                     3000 – 4800

    Annual tuition fees (USD) may vary to some extent depending on the Belarusian currency exchange rate.

    Medical Specialisation in Belarus

    Medical Specialization in Belarus or Post-graduate trainings (residency, PhD, post-graduate courses) are carried out by all medical universities and by Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education.

    Clinical residency is for a period of  2-4 years program, conducted to suit individual plans.

    The resident student is expected to satisfy daily duties of a doctor or pharmacist under the tutelage of senior colleagues and skills are gained  through various rotations at different departments.

    Your resident duty at hospital will include the following:

    • Examinations,
    • Putting together medical histories,
    • Participation in surgical operations and conferences.

    These practical sessions will help the resident to become familiar with the work of health care institutions.

    At the end of each academic year a clinical resident trainer will provide a report on the student’s performance and at the end of clinical residency training, the student who is now a specialist will take an examination which has theoretical and practical questions and is awarded a Certificate on graduating from clinical residency.

    Once this is done, resident graduates are able to continue education in the post-graduate course (3-4 years) in theoretical or clinical specialities in areas such as:

    • Internal diseases and surgery,
    • Obstetrics and gynaecology,
    • Paediatrics,
    • Psychiatry,
    • Dermato-venereology
    • Ophthalmology,
    • Rhino laryngology,
    • Human pathology,
    • Radiotherapy,
    • Etc.

    Residency or specialisation training in Belarus is conducted on low tuition in Russian language.

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