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How to Study Masters in Malta: Application Process, Tuition and Cost of Living

    The Maltese islands are renowned for remarkable cultural mixture between the ancient and the modern. Although this nation houses one of the oldest universities in the Mediterranean, the tertiary education system is designed for the future and blends tradition with creativity and innovation.

    Because of the size of Malta, there is only one university and one vocational college made up of individual institutions. However, they have a healthy international reputation. More than 600 full-time international students and about 500 exchange and transfer students arrive every year to Malta from about 80 different countries. The country has partnerships and links with tertiary institutions all over the world.

    Malta is number eleventh in the world in student IQ scores.

    Read on for more information on what it’s like to study on low tuition in Malta, including degree course offers, career opportunities, student life, living costs.

    Study programmes in Malta

    Degrees are typically awarded in core courses such as Arts, Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Economics, Management, Education, Engineering, Law and more. Students are able to enrol in full-time or part-time study courses. The courses offered are relevant to the real world and leave you up to date with the needs of the world. These degrees are awarded at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Most Bachelor degree courses run for three years, while most Masters can be completed in 2 years. In order to maximize course efficiency, some programs are held once every two years.

    Vocational and professional training is equally available. Different institutions teach full-time students or part-time students who also hold a job and require specialized education .

    Basic Foundation Study Courses allow international high school students who do not have basic entry requirements, to qualify for admission to an undergraduate course in Malta.

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    A very popular English-language university in the country is the American University in Malta.

    General application procedure
    • Interested persons who would like to apply for courses starting in October 2014 are requested to apply through the Online Application facility;

    • Do well to pay relevant application fee before the deadline;

    • The Students’ Advisory Services are available for advice and information to applicants;

    • Attend information meeting for Prospective Applicants and parents;

    • Apply for scholarship, if you are keen.

    Do well to connect with the International student office for additional information about program application and requirements.


    Note that most university programs are held in English. A limited number of Maltese language courses are equally available.

    English language preparation for studying in Malta

    We would encourage you to develop your academic English language skills in order to satisfy the English language requirements at Maltese universities offering degree studies for international students. Select an English language school anywhere in the world and pick your preferred English exam preparation course from many language course options.

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    How to Apply to a Master’s in Malta

    If you’ve made up your mind to study a Master’s degree at a university in Malta, you will have to put together the right documents to prove that you satisfy the university requirements. Do well to provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement as well.

    What documents do I need to provide to apply in Malta?

    Inorder to apply to a university in Malta you will be required to provide some of the  documents listed below:

    • birth certificate;

    • recent photos;

    • your passport or national identity card;

    • one or more reference letters from past employers or teachers;

    • copies of past diplomas or certificates, including your graduated Bachelor’s degree;

    • academic transcripts;

    • letter of intent;

    • Curriculum Vitae;

    • Some form of proof that you can provide for yourself in the country during your studies.

    Based on the subject or specialization of your chosen Master’s, you may be required to provide scores for additional standadized tests such as the GRE, GMAT or LSAT. Do well to check if your programme requires any of these, or more.

    The list of documents depend largely on the specific requirements of universities in Malta, so you may be required to include additional documents. It’s also possible you’ll have to provide official English translations of your documents, or translations in the local language.

    Prove your English skills

    Since you’ll study an international degree in English, you’ll be required to present a language certificate. Some popular options for international students are IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced language certificates. You’ll be required to meet a minimum language score set by the university, and your test scores should not be older than 1-2 years. If you fail to meet the minimum language requirements, you will have to work on your skills and scores by taking an English preparation course.

    Application deadlines for Malta

    The deadlines for applying to a Master’s  program in Malta are usually during summer (June-July), or in winter (January-February). Bear in mind that some universities do not have application deadlines, which means you can apply whenever you are ready.

    Inorder to avoid delays or missed deadlines, do well to submit your required documents with plenty of time in advance.

    List of Universities

    American University of Malta 

    University of Malta


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