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How To Study Live and Work In Australia

    Do you want to study, live and work in Australia? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you achieve just that. In today’s article, we shall talk about studying in Australia, universities in Australia, cost of living, admission requirements etc.

    One of the largest countries on planet Earth is Australia- the only place which a country at the same time, a continent.The country has her capital as Canberra. English language is the official language in Australia.

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    The country is endowed with different favourable weather conditions – summer, autumn, winter and spring which begin in December, March, June, and September respectively.

    To top it all, dear country Australia is gifted with beautiful locations which can enhance the exposure of students and tourists, among which are:

    • Sydney Opera House: is a breath taking place of an architectural design similar to the shape of a huge shell.
    • Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park: is a location in the heart of the country. The presencered coloured rocks in domed shape form is a site to behold.
    • Bondi Beach: is a core tourist attraction because of the lovely bronzed water body and blond sand, which makes surfing and seaside stroll enjoyable.



    Australia government prioritizes education, making it a core responsibility. Therefore,registration of children in schools at early age is made a law and compulsory.In view of this, a good percentage of people living in Australia are literate.

    Annually, Australia government set asides a sum of 200 million dollars to education, of which a good portion is used to assist international students financially.

    Foreign students do not need to worry as English is the country’s official language and the means by which knowledge is transferred in Australian schools.


    Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings (THE Rankings), is known as the most genuine universities ranker all over the world. In the latest 2018 rankings, 35 Australian universities appeared on the list, of which 2 fell among the top 50.

    Among the 35 ranked, the best 5 universities are described below:

    • University of Melbourne

    The university is the second oldest in the country. Even though it has been established since 1853, the school has maintained its educational standard through the years.

    THE Rankings has acknowledged this aforementioned unique attribute, together with other recognised activities of the university by placing them as the #32 best in the world.

    University of Melbourne has 11 faculties with various disciplines. The schoolhas for long been a secure home for international students.


    • Australian National University (ANU)

    ANU is ranked as the second best university in Australia and #48 according to THE Rankings. This qualification is as a result of the recognised intense research work the university is into.

    Before now, the university has received a lot of noble prizes. Best of them all is the noble prize received in Physics in 2011 which proved that the universal expansion is increasing speedily.

    • University of Sydney

    It is the oldest university in Australia founded far back in year 1850. Ranking #61 according to THE Rankings is one great achievement made by the university.The school has graduated no less than 5 Australian prime ministers.

    Organisational structure of the university includes 9 faculties and 3 schools. They also deal in adult education together with undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.

    • University of Queensland (UQ)

    UQ ranked #65 in the last world University Ranking. With this, the university has proved diligence as stated in their motto ‘cientia ac Labore’ which is being interpreted as ‘by means of knowledge and hard work’.

    To enhance speedy and effective academic coordination, six facultieshave been set in place. Available in the school are disciplines under associate, bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees.

    • Monash University

    The first university in Australia named after a person rather than a place, was established in 1958. The research institute is ranked #80 in the recent THE Rankings.MonashUniversity has 10 faculties in all.

    Interesting places around the campus include a library stocked with rare books, Museum of art and a gallery section of all media work you can think of. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

    – Candidates must be at least 18 years at the time of application.

    – Original academic transcripts/result from secondary school or post-secondary school previously attended clearly written in or translated to English language.

    – Evidence of ability to speak English. An IELTS resultwith a minimum score of 7.0 in each band is preferred.

    – International passport and Australian student visa for international students.

    – Overseas student health cover (OSHC) for successful candidates

    – A curriculum vitae showing skills is also required by some universities.


    • For international students seeking admission into Australian universities, visa application must be termed successful first.
    • Choose the course and the university you wish to study
    • Take English language course or necessary qualification exam
    • Seek for pathway courses in case the required marks to qualify for desired course is not attained.
    • Check for scholarships to assist tuition
    • Submitted application which will be thoroughly accessed
    • Admission showing course, tuition details and registration procedures will be sent to successful candidates.
    • At least 50% of the tuition should be paid upfront



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    • Quality education is obtainable as Australian universities are known for exposing students to intense research work.
    • Benefit of studying alongside with foreign students from different culture and background
    • Foreign students have easy access to Accommodation
    • Access to full-funded Scholarships for foreign and domestic students
    • Opportunity to work while studying
    • Employment opportunities immediately after graduation
    • All work and no play is no good for students, therefore a lot of tourist attraction zones are in Australia for students to visit.


    Universities in Australia have their tuition fee range from AU$(14000-35000) per annum for undergraduate studies, AU$20,000-AU$37,000 ($16-$29,600) for Master’s degree and AU$14,000-AU$37,000 ($11,200-$29,600) for doctoral degree.

    On an average, a university student can live on AU$18,610 for a year.



    International students can support themselves financially by taking up part time jobs as universities allow students to work up to 40 hours in two weeks while studying. Bursaries, grants and scholarship are also available for both domestic and foreign students.

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