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How To Study In Wilfred Laurier University, Canada

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    Wilfrid Laurier University abbreviated as ‘’WLU’’ and otherwise known as ‘’Laurier’’ is a public university situated in Waterloo, Canada. The University was so named after Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier. Simply known as Wilfrid Laurier, he was the Seventh Prime Minister of Canada who ruled from July 11th 1896 to October 6th 1911.

    Established in 1911 after the Royal Assent of Ross MacDonald, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario ( who at a point, served under the University as its Chancellor), the University has its main Campus at Waterloo, an off-shoot Campus at Brantford, Ontario(opened in 1999) and avalanche of offices in Kitchener, Chongqing (China) and Toronto.

    The University offers a range of courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates which spans across diverse fields of study.

    Formerly called ‘’Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada’’(1911), ‘’Waterloo College of Arts’’(1925) and the ‘’Waterloo Lutheran University’’(1960), the University has its motto in Latin as ‘’Veritas Omina Vincit’’(translated to ‘’Truth conquers all’’ in English’’).

    The Wilfrid Laurier University is under the leadership of Eileen Mercier (Chancellor) and Deborah MacLatchy (President) and as at early 2018, the University has a total of 17,000 full-time undergraduates, 1,541 part-time undergraduates, 1,000 full-time postgraduates, 610 part-time postgraduates and an estimated academic staff strength of 553 and had succeeded in having affiliations with notable organizations including the Fields Institute.

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    According to the U.S News and World Report( Global Rankings), Wilfrid Laurier University ranked as the 1169th and ranked the 33rd under the U.S News and World Report for Canada.

    In the 2018 Maclean’s Comprehensive Magazine for Canadian universities, Wilfrid Laurier University ranked the 6th out of the 15 Canadian Comprehensive Universities. The Survey also rated the graduation percentage of the University as 76.7%. The Survey also ranked the following courses as the ‘’Standout programs’’ at the University between 2017-2018:

    Business Administration

    Law(obtainable at the University of Sussex, U.K)

    Arts(B.A) and

    Game Design and Development(attainable at the Brantford Campus of the University).

    In addition, the popular ‘’Faculty of Music’’ at the University is one of the best faculties in Canada and the Registrar’s Report for the 2016 Winter disclosed that Business, Communication Studies, Psychology, Economics, Biology and Criminology as the most popular courses at the University.


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    1.       WATERLOO:

    The main Campus of Wilfrid Laurier University in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Canada has most of the University’s faculties including: Health, Music, Science, Education, Economics, Lazaridis School of Business, Arts and Business in it and not less than 16,000 students undergo their studies in the main Campus (Waterloo) of the University. The research centres and institutes of the University are here. Apart from playing host to most faculties of the University, then Main Campus equally has residences and apartments for its students which includes the Euler Residence(male students residence), the Leopold Residence(female students residence) and some joined students residences: Regina Residence, Marshall Apartment, Regina Towers, Macdonald House, Bouckaert Hall, Spruce Street Apartment, CH Little House, Hickory St. Apartments, King Street Residence and others.

    The total residences and apartments in the main Campus of the University houses about 2,780 male and female students with extra 2,664 beds reserved for first year undergraduate students.

    2.       BRANTFORD CAMPUS:

    The Brantford Campus of Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with about 50km from the Southern part of the Waterloo (Main) Campus commenced studies with 39 students during its establishment in 1999 and by January 2015, a total of 2,625 full-time students were already attending and unidentified number of part-time students and towards late 2017, the total number of students in the Campus were about 3,000.

    Likewise the Waterloo Campus, the Brantford Campus of Wilfrid Laurier University has residences and apartments for its students including: Grand River Hall, Lucy Marco Place, Expositor Place, Post House, Lawyer’s Hall. The Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Human faculties are also situated here.


    The Kitchener Campus of Wilfrid Laurier University at Duke St., came into being after the removal of the Faculty of Social Work in 2006 from the main Campus of the University to this Campus.

    The Campus replaced St. Jerome High School(a former heritage site designed by the City of Kitchener) and in the light of this, it gave the Faculty of Social Work students the opportunity to interact better with the communities and Social service agencies related to their study scope. An estimated 300 students undergo their studies here.

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    In 2008, the Milton town of Ontario had been in partnership with the University towards the development of a 150-acre(60 hectares worth $50 million) Campus to the University within the Milton Education Village (MEV).

    However, in May 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities declined the request by Wilfrid Laurier University to begin infrastructural development of the proposed Milton Campus of the University.

    Following the announcement of the Ontario Government for expression of interests from universities interested in building pos-secondary campuses that will focus on Arts, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science at Brampton and Milton, Wilfrid Laurier University tendered its proposal for the Milton Campus on 2nd October, 2017 and the Provincial Government of Ontario is to decide towards that before the end of year 2017.


    1.       TORONTO:

    Located on the ground floor of The Exchange Tower at King and York Streets, U.K, the Toronto office of the University connects the Brantford, Kitchener and Waterloo campuses to the Greater Toronto Region (GTR) and provides the students, alumni and staff of the University the opening to undergo poetry readings, workshops, professional development sessions and other multi-functional academic activities.

    2.       CHINA:

    Opened in 2007, the China office of Wilfrid Laurier University serves as a coördinator between the nine(9) partners of the University in the region and the University itself and has also helped the students of the University opportunities of transferring from one Campus to the other.


    The University has over hundred(100) courses spanning across Degrees, Doctorate, Masters and online programs. The University places different requirements into different programs of study:

    1.       Undergraduate Requirements:

    Prospective students from any Ontario Secondary School should apply for admission to the University through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). The application forms (OUAC 101) or PIN numbers(for online applications) goes to the OUAC through the Secondary School of the applicant.

    As part of the admission requirements for the University, the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) collects the January-July midterm and last marks of the applicant for admission consideration.

    Ontario applicants for Anthropology(BA in combination) should have 60% in English and HL/SL English at 3 and IB minimum score of 26(for International Baccalaureate applicants).

    2.       Postgraduate Requirements:

    Postgraduate applicants of the University will upload a digital copy of their transcripts and graduation certificates of their postsecondary educational institution. For consideration of admission application, Reference letters, test scores(for GRE or GMAT) , English Proficiency tests(oral and written), Statement of Intent, a writing sample, a resume and a declaration form from the applicant for the considering the applicant for postgraduate studies in the University.

    Postgraduate applicants for Graduate Diploma in Accounting will to:

    –          Complete all prerequisites for Graduate Diploma courses with minimum grade of C.

    –          Possess a minimum grade B in any Business related course

    –          Possess a Laurier undergraduate degree(completed or in the last stages of completion).

    3.       International(Transfer) Requirements:

    The University welcomes applications for admission from International and Transfer students for their International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Applicants will to:

    –          Present passes in a minimum of six subjects(three of which will be at the higher level)

    –          Possess a minimum total score need of 24 and a higher minimum score might be required for admission for competitive programs in the University.

    Possess the English-Proficiency requirements for the University(Proficiency in written, oral and usage)

    Applicants will have the following scores in any of the English-Proficiency tests:

    1.       The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): A least score of 89 and least skill scores of 24 in each of these skills tests: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

    2.       The International English Language Testing System (IELTS): A least score of 7.

    3.       Pearson Test of English (PTE): Minimum score of 60.

    4.       The Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MELAB): A minimum score of 90.

    5.       The Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment: A required minimum score of 70.

    6.       Paper-based TOEFL: A minimum score of 573.

             International and Transfer applicants are equally required to present a detailed course outline/syllabi of their postsecondary courses, transcripts from their previously attended secondary/postsecondary institutions and a proof of English Proficiency(required in cases where the applicants first language is not English).


    Wilfrid Laurier university runs a dual admission:

    1.       The ‘’Fall Term’’: First academic term of four months spanning from September to December.

    2.       The ‘’Winter Term’’: Second academic term spanning from January to April.


    The University has these breakdown of the tuition fees for 2017/2018 full-time and International undergraduates (in Canadian Dollars):

    –          Full-time tuition: $22,956-$26,172

    –          Residence: $4,941-$7,955

    –          Textbooks: $950

    –          Incidental fees: $1,314-$1,444

    –          Health Insurance: $612

    –          Waterloo Campus meal plans: $2,080, $5,000 or $ 5, 400

    –          Brantford Campus meal plans: $800-$1,200

    TOTAL: $32,853-$42,533 CAD for two academic terms (Fall and Winter terms) of eight months.

             International BBA/BCS double degree undergraduates will to pay : $29,167 CAD as their tuition fees for the two academic terms.

    The University allows the undergraduates pay half of the tuition fees in August for the Fall (First) term and the other in December and they will either work in Canada from May-August(during their four-month Summer break) or return to their home countries for the holidays.

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