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How to study free in Germany, Norway and Finland

    free tuitionNorway, finland and Germany are all operating free tution for both domestic and international students. That said, international students would not be expected to pay a dime towards their education in any of these countries. In this post, we will evaluate the application process for universities in these countries




    Your O’level results as well as transcripts with academic grades stated(solid academic grades could give you an advantage)

    Birth certificate

    A valid international passport

    Sound health with a medical certificate confirming this


    A degree plus transcripts which shows the course studied in university as well as the results obtained.

    Birth certificate

    An authentic international passport

    You must be in Sound health with a medical certificate stating in the affirmative

    Two Reference letters from two different people

    A well written research work or a written statement of purpose.



    German universities generally accept both online and paper applications. For paper based applications , note that you will be required to make copies and notarize all relevant official academic documents before sending them together with all downloaded application forms to the university admission office.

    Note that the online application process would involve creating an account on the website of the university filling relevant questions on the forms and submitting.

    Note that most German universities usually prefer online application as it a much easier, and less cumbersome method.


    Finland Admission requirements

    To study an undergraduate program in Finland, a prospective student will be required to provide a high school/secondary school certificate which is legally recognized both in your country and in Finland. That is, an institution that is legally approved by the government of your country. A TOELF test score, as well as an international passport if you’ll require a visa to travel to Finland.

    For postgraduate studies, applicants will be required to provide their degree results and transcripts, as well as a statement of purpose and two reference/recommendation letters. In Finland, admission requirements vary from school to school, you will have to contact the school directly for specific and detailed admission requirements. For more information on how to apply, click here.

    How to apply

    The good thing about universities in Finland is that they all accept direct online application, so you wont need to waste your money on working your application through an admission agent. I have provided a full list of universities in Finland, so you can contact them directly and send your admission application.

    Norway Admission Process

    Undergraduate Studies

    For undergraduate studies, completion of secondary at advanced level or equivalent to passing an exams at the end of secondary school at a Norwegian school. However, some Norwegian universities would expect students from some countries to have completed at least one year of university before applying. Please check with your country to find out if your country is Included.

    Master’s Degree

    Admission decisions for post graduate programs are carried out by the university. Most successful students had obtained bachelor’s degree or its equivalent of at least a 3 year duration in a subject that is relevant to the degree program .


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