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How to study free in four European countries

    studyIn this post, we will be doing a comprehensive analysis of countries you can free.

    The world is evolving at a rapid speed. Competition is getting stiffer and stiffer as the days go by, and many degrees/diplomas which were considered meritorious a decade ago have now lost their values in the job market and demand additional courses. However, not everyone can afford top-notch professional education. And not everyone is bright enough to score scholarships. Luckily for them, there are some alternatives. Here’s a list of some European countries where the word “tuition fee” does not exist in the dictionaries, along with approximate cost of living:

    • Finland:

    According to, currently, no student has to pay college tuition fee in Finland, regardless of their nationality, gender or the educational level.

    And of course, only the tuition is free. The other expenses (accommodation, etc.) are bore by the students themselves. The cost of living in Finland for an average student is around 500-800 Euros/month.

    • Austria:

    Austrian universities are offering 100% scholarships for Non-EU students. With them, students would be exempt from giving the tuition fees in public universities. They would have to pay the entrance fee of the Student Unions and for their insurance.

    The cost of living for an average student, covering accommodation, food and other personal expenses is approximately 800 Euros per month.

    • Norway:

    In Norway, the state universities and colleges do not charge students for tuition, and this applies to all levels, including undergraduate, masters and doctorate.

    Keep in mind though, that same state universities demand tuition fee for some specialized programs, usually at masters’ level. Also, some private institutions do not offer free tuition, but the fee is much lower than in other countries.

    The cost of living in Norway is a lot more expensive than in other countries. Accommodation costs around 9K Euros/year.

    • Germany:

    From October 2014, all German universities started offering free tuition to all national and international students. In some federal states however, universities charge a semester fee (about 50 euros) and administrative expenses. This structuremay be changed in the future.

    The cost of living in Germany is around 500-800 Euros/month.


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