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How to apply to universities in Russia and Germany


    How to apply

    To study in Russia, you will be required to apply directly to the schools or through their representatives. Please reach out to the universities directly to find out what their mode of application is. Alternatively since major Russian university websites are written in Russian, please Google for Russian admission representatives that are in your country or region.

    There is a very big incentive for applying to Universities in Russia. They are very cheap/ affordable! Tuition fees usually range from  $2000 to $3000 per academic year and should cover the language training programme which is compulsory if you want to work in Russia. Please note that tuition fees may vary slightly from institution to institution and the degree chosen. That said, tuition fees for professional courses like medicine , engineering, design are usually in the range of $2500-$4000 per academic year.


    There are two types of housing accommodation available for students living in Russia– There are: hostel and offcampus accomodations. Cost of hostel accomodation is the the range of $150-$200 per year. Offcampus accomodation may be slightly higher depending on the city, so put the cost at about $250-$400 yearly.

    List of Universities






    German universities as a general rule accept both online and paper applications. For paper based applications , you will be required to make copies and notarize all relevant official academic documents before mailing them together with all downloaded application forms to the university admission office.

    Note that the online application process would involve creating an account on the website of the university filling relevant questions on the forms and submitting.

    Note that most German universities usually prefer online application as it a much easier, and less cumbersome method.


    Your O’level results as well as transcripts with academic grades stated(solid academic grades could give you an advantage)

    Birth certificate

    A valid international passport

    Sound health with a medical certificate confirming this


    A degree plus transcripts which shows the course studied in university as well as the results obtained.

    Birth certificate

    An authentic international passport

    You must be in Sound health with a medical certificate stating in the affirmative

    Two Reference letters from two different people

    A well written research work or a written statement of purpose.





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