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How to apply to Russian Universities (Low tuition schools)

    russiaIf you didn’t know Russia has the best list of low/cheap tuition universities in Europe. So if you want to study abroad in Europe, why not consider Russia for the unique opportunity of experiencing Russian culture and her people’s grand hospitality. Needless to say, you would be enthralled and enchanted by the country’s state of the art buildings and facilities. More so, you would get an education that is recognized internationally.

    Tuition Fees

    This is the best part you’ve been waiting for: Universities in russia are very cheap/ affordable! Tuition fees usually range from  $2000 to $3000 per academic year and should cover the language training programme. Please note that tuition fees may vary slightly  from institution to institution and the degree chosen. That said, tuition fees for professional courses like medicine , engineering, design are usually in the range of $2500-$4000 per academic year.


    There are two types of housing accommodation available for students living in Russia– There are: hostel and offcampus accomodations. Cost of hostel accomodation is the the range of $150-$200 per year. Offcampus accomodation may be slightly higher depending on the city, so put the cost at about $250-$400 yearly.

    How to apply

    To study in russia, one can apply directly to the schools or through their representatives. Please contact the schools directly to find out their mode of application. Alternatively as most Russian university websites are in Russian, please Google for Russian admission representatives that are in your country or region.

    List of Universities







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