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How to Apply for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs In Harvard University

    Applying for undergraduate programs in Harvard University seems unnerving, but it is actually not do difficult. There are many steps in the application process, but we will discuss them, so that it would be easier for you to apply

    Harvard University uses the Common Application. The Common Application is an application that is common for most US universities, and once you fill that out, you can use that common application to fill your application.

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    Application Procedure

    1. Fill the Common App

    The first thing you need to do is to completely fill out the Common Application.

    1. Write Harvard Specific Essays

    Next, filled your Common App, and you will need to write Harvard Specific Essays. You will find this in the Common App.

    1. Submit the Required Documents

    You will have to submit these required documents:

    • Common Application and Supplementary Harvard Essays
    • $75 application fee or fee waiver. You can submit the application fee in your Common Application Account since they have a payment system where you can pay through debit or credit card. You can ask for an application fee waiver in Harvard University website if you are having financial difficulties.
    • ACT with or without writing or SAT with or without Writing
    • Two SAT Subject Tests (Recommended). Taking at least two SAT subject tests is recommended, but it still optional.
    • School Reports. The transcripts for grades available so far and Mid-Year School Report would have to be submitted to the Harvard Admissions Office. The final school report is required once you are accepted.
    • English Proficiency Exam (Optional for International Students). International students may submit English Proficiency Exams like TOEFL or IELTS, though this is not always required.

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    How to Apply for Graduate Programs in Harvard

    It can be quite tasking when applying for undergraduate or graduate programs in Harvard University. Applicants who are US citizen or US Permanent Resident should ignore the part that applies to international students. However, international students should complete the part that applies to them.

    Necessary Requirements to Apply for Harvard University Graduate Program

    1. Online application form and application fee of $105
    2. Uploaded transcripts to the online application
    3. Three letters of recommendation
    4. Statement of Purpose
    5. GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
    6. Demonstration of English Proficiency for international students (Only for International Students: IELTS or TOEFL)
    7. Writing sample where required

    Application Procedure

    The application procedure is different for different graduate programs at Harvard University. Refer to your graduate program website for information. If you are applying for engineering, examine the Harvard College of Engineering Site. If you want humanities program, then go the Harvard Humanities Site.

    Now let’s look at the general guide on the application procedure. Note that there may be some minor differences between graduate programs.

    1. Go to the graduate school of Harvard and start an online application
    2. Upload your transcripts form to the online application
    3. Get recommendations from three faculty members in your previous institution
    4. Write a statement of purpose which should include your academic qualification, interest, and your goals in the graduate program.
    5. Take a Graduate Record Examination (GRE). GRE is a standardized test required for graduate programs except Astronomy.
    6. Take an English Proficiency Exam. International students are to sit for TOEFL and score at least 80 or above, depending on the program.
    7. Submit the application when all the application form and materials are filled.

    The application procedure is different for different graduate programs, and therefore, it is essential that you check the graduate program website for complete information on the application procedure.

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