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How to apply for admission in Denmark

    Denmark has a modest list of low/affordable tuition universities for International students. It has about 31 universities of higher learning. Please note that Norway introduced tuition free policy for non-EU/international students, however EU and exchange students still enjoy free tuition policy if they get admitted into Danish universities. Also, Danish universities also have scholarships/funds and other forms of financial assistance for students who can’t afford to pay tuition. The aim is to admit the best students from all over the world to study in Denmark. It might interest you to know that well over 22000 international students went down to Denmark in 2009 for various academic pursuits.

    Application Process

    Application to academic programs in Denmark is not as cumbersome you think. For this process, all you have to do Is to create an account on, where you will input your personal information, previous academic information as well as a list of study programs you are interested in. Note that is an electronic joint application system created by the Danish Ministry of Education. Even if you don’t have a Danish CPR number, you can still register and apply for the study programs of your choice. However, If you are a graduate student seeking admissions in Denmark, you will need to contact your institution directly for information on the admission criteria.

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees in Denmark are a bit modest. Depending on the course of study, you should expect to pay EUR 10000 per year as an international student.


    For the majority of study programs in Denmark, there’s only one admission period.
    Submit your application before March 15 for studies beginning in the fall semester (September).

    Some institutions also have additional intakes for the spring semester. In this case, you can submit your application before September 1.

    List of universities

    Aalborg University

    Aarhus School of Architecture

    Aarhus University

    Engineering College of Aarhus

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