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How to apply for admission in Austria

    austriaAustria is located at the heart of Europe by the beautiful and impressive Alps- this beautiful country  has greatly contributed to the enriched European culture with renowned thinkers such as Sigmund Freud, Ludwig. Beyond that, Austria has a great list of universities offering operating low/cheap tuition for international students.

    Undergraduate admission

    • You are eligible to apply to an Austrian University if you are in possession of a valid school leaving certificate as well as  qualify for university education in your home country, you may also qualify for higher education studies in Austria. However, you are requested to prove your level of English and/or German. In some cases, you are also required to take additional qualifying courses.
  • Masters admission
    • Please note that if you are applying for a master’s program at university in Austria, you must have in possession a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.

    • How to apply for admission
    • Contact your university’s Student Admission Office to receive your application form. In some cases, the application form is available on the Internet, but it may also happen you will need to ask to have it sent by post to your home address.


    • -Be ready to submit additional supporting documentation to prove you fulfill all of the entrance requirements for the courses or study program of your choice.
    • -Fill in your application form and return it to your university along with attested or certified copies of the supporting documentation.
    • -You will be notified whether you have finally been admitted. Upon admission, your university will issue a student pass no matter you are an undergraduate or graduate student. The student pass is used to prove you have become a member of the university you applied for.
    • -Please, note that your educational background and grade point average from your upper secondary school studies will determine whether you qualify for the program/s you applied for.


    • Application deadline
    • There are generlly two admission deadlines for studies at university in Austria with the deadlines as explained indicated below:


    • September 1: submit your application before September 1 for studies in the winter semester.
    • February 1: for programs in the summer semester.

    After the general admission period expires, the extended admission period starts. Through the extended admission period, students from the European Union can also apply for university studies in Austria according to the extended deadlines listed below:

    • November 30: for studies in the winter semester.
    • April 30: for studies in the summer semester.

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