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How to apply for admission abroad in Spain

    spainIn this post, we are provide you with sufficient details on how to apply for admission abroad in spain. With every passing year, the republic of Spain is becoming a popular European country. Why? Because, it has a very strong reputation for providing world class education to international/foreign students from well over 230 countries. It might interest you to know that Spain has a monarchical parliamentary system. For fun seekers out there, there are several tourist attractions in Spain; ranging from beautiful beaches to renowned monuments. For individuals seeking to increase their understanding of Europe and its environs, studying in Spain is the key. Spain have tasty meals, friendly environment, low cost of living and low crime rates. You’ll definitely enjoy the local festivals and the warm climate in the republic.

    The cost of living for studying in Spain is around 3000 Euro; which is roughly 300 euro per month. This amount should cater for your accommodation, travel and food. The tuition fee for studying in Spain is 1000 to 8000 Euro per year.


    For eligibility into an undergraduate program, an applicant should have successfully completed an advanced level secondary school education and should have a solid secondary school leaving certificate as well as taken an English proficiency test examinations.

    For a Master’s degree program, applicants are expected to have a good bachelor’s degree GPA.

    For a PHD, an applicant would need to have a relevant master’s degree education. Please note that these requirements differ from university to university. Always inquire from your prospective university.


    *Original photocopies of your qualification

    *Authentic student visa

    *Receipt of fee payment


    *ID sized photographs.

    Once you’ve submitted these documents, you’ll receive an email of confirmation from the university informing you of next steps.

    For more information on the list of low/affordable/cheap tuition universities in Spain, please click here:


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