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How to apply for admission abroad in Czech

    ccccIn this post, we are going to highlight the admission requirements for studying abroad in Czech plus tuition fees for universities there.

    The basic requirement for studying a Bachelor´s degree programme or a Master´s degree programme is the completion of a recognized secondary general education or Bachelors degree program respectively. However, for fine arts degrees, students who have had their “absolutorium” from a conservatoire would definitely be admitted. Admission to a follow-up Master´s degree programme is dependent on the completion of a Bachelor´s degree programme or an equivalent. Admission to Doctoral studies equally depends on the successful completion of a Master´s degree programme.. Students may apply for several study programmes at various institutions and faculties.

    The deadline for submitting application documents is the end of February or March. Most university institutions offer the option of using an online application portal to submit applications. But this you need to confirm this with your university.

    Unlike private institutions, tuition fees at public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic vary depending on the language of instruction of the course or study program. For programs in Czech language, students will be exempted from paying tuition fees. For programs in English or any other foreign language, public as well as private institutions will charge tuition fees ranging from EUR 1000 per semester to EUR1500. Also, note that public institutions may charge non-refundable registration fees of approximately EUR 20 (CZK 500) following the rules as set forth by the Czech Republic Higher Education Act, while private institutions are free to decide the amount of registration fees payable by students.

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