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How to apply for admission abroad in University of Toronto, Canada

    torontoStudying in the Canada doesn’t have to be expensive if you applying to study in the University of Toronto. The tuition fees are low and range from as low as $10,000 to high as $40000. But as an international student, you can be assured of a truly world class education if you study in the Uni of Toronto.

    Application Requirements

    *If you applying for postgraduate studies, please submit your university grades or high school grades if you are applying for undergraduate studies

    To assist the admissions team with the processing of your application and avoid any document processing delays please ensure the following:

    • If the name on your documents is not identical to the name on your OUAC application, they cannot be matched.  Include your U of T Applicant Number or OUAC reference number on all documents and provide proof of name change if the documents show different names.
    • Submit each document only once, even if  applying to more than one U of T program.
    • Submit documents such as reference letters and resumes only if requested. Unnecessary documents will NOT be added to your file; these will be discarded and will delay the processing of your application
    • Your academic documents should not be stapled, because  removing these staples to scan documents cause delay in processing.
    • Request your school or test board to submit electronic transmission of applicable test scores whenever possible.  AP test scores and IB finals required for transfer credit evaluation, TOEFL, IELTS, and COPE/ELDA results must be submitted electronically.

    Application Deadline

    For applicants applying for early decisions, ensure you arrange for your English language test scores to be sent to the school not latter than January 14. Generally, April 1 is the deadline to submit all relevant documents.

    Please note that all application documents not in English must be notarized in English and sent to the admissions office.

    For more info on how to apply, press here:


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