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How to Apply for a Swedish Student Visa

    • You must have received your letter of admission

     To be eligible for a Swedish student visa, you must have received admission into an accredited higher institution in Sweden.


    • You must have the tuition fee

     If you are required to pay tuition fees, you must have paid a fraction or part of the fees before applying for a visa



    • Pay application Fee

     You will be required to pay an application fee when applying online. Payments can be made via credit or debit card.


    • The Migration Board Works on visa Application. Once you apply online, the Swedish board would start working on your application right away. The board gives high priority to applications that include all required documents and details. Thus, if you want your visa application processed on time, do well to submit all required information and fill all details.


    • Receive the Result: You must contact or visit the nearest Swedish embassy in your country to get the result of your application; you may have to book an appointment for this. When you come to collect your decision, you must bring your passport along with you. Your university in Sweden will get notified about the status of your visa application.


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