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How to Apply and obtain a student Visa to Study in Germany and Finland


    visa requirementsWhen applications of international students have been accepted by the institutions they applied to, they are then offered admission letters. The next step they will be to apply for a student visa to allow them travel and attend their chosen schools.

    This article will take a look at and analyze how to apply and get a student visa to study in Germany or Finland.

    It is on record that most accepted applicants do have a hard time obtaining a student visit into the afore mentioned countries.


    A student who is a citizen of the EU or a citizen of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not require a student visa but other citizens will need visas to gain entries, once you been offered an admission letter the next thing would be to apply for a visa.

    These documents would be required at the German Embassy

    Proof of financial resources usually to prove that you can take care of yourself. This evidence will include:

    *Security on a blocked account

    *Clear proof of your parents’ or Guardian’s income and assets

    * A Bank guarantee of your home country

    *Or alternatively, Someone who resides in Germany agrees to assume the costs of studying in Germany for you

    *Scholarship from a recognized scholarship foundation if applicable

    Apart from the afformentioned steps, other documents and requirements could include

    *Fluency in German

    *Health certificate

    *Admission letter

    Applying For a Finnish Visa

    For Finnish visas, students are usually expected to take entrance exams before getting accepted to study in Finland. If you are successful, you will do the following for a successful visa application

    Evidence of financial resources

    Non EU/EEA students need to show they have of 560 pounds which is the least requested by the immigration agents, it is advised you have about 900 Euros monthly.



    Visit the countries embassy with the necessary documents and you will be told what to do.

    NOTE: It can take a lot of days, weeks or even months to get the visa so make sure you start the application process on time

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