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Hacettepe University, Turkey: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living and Admission Procedure

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    Hacettepe University is located in Ankara, Turkey and is one of the leading institutions there. The history of this University started in 1958 when Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı founded the Hacettepe Children’s Hospital. Three years later, the physical therapy, rehabilitation, and nutrition, school of health science that were all based on children were opened. Then in 1963, the Hacettepe University of Medicine was opened and its hospital was built. The following year, a school of basic science which was offering courses in social sciences and humanities was founded. In 1967, it was chartered through Act No. 892 under the Turkish Parliament.

    They have two campuses with one at an old town in Ankara which hosts the Medical center. The second one is the Beytepe campus and it is hosts most of their faculties. In 1969, their school of pharmacy and health administration was founded. Then in 1971, the schools of Engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, and science all became faculties.  Two years later, they established the school of technology. In 1982, the institution became affiliated to the State Conservatory and their former faculties were reorganized. In 1984 and 1989 consecutively, the school of Health and the school of sports sciences and technology were established. They also established the vocational schools in 1998. They have 14 graduate schools and institutes, 1 conservatory, 5 vocational, 104 research centers, and 2 applied schools within the university. Their other campuses are at Polatli, Sincan, and Besevler.

    The school’s symbol was designed by Dr. Yucel Tanyeri in 1967 which was inspired by a stag and is the symbol of a Hittite deity. Some of the faculties in the school include Communication, Dentistry, Economics & Administrative Sciences, Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Foreign Language Teaching, Primary Education, Engineering, Science & Mathematics for Secondary education, Fine Arts, Law, Letters, Health Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Language & Literature. The students attending this school are up to 50,000 with almost 3600 staff. Hacettepe has over 200 programs for postgraduates and 150 undergraduate programs. The school encourages and promotes respect, development, participation, aesthetics, farsightedness, and a willingness for change.

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    Tuition fees

    Foreigners and local citizens pay $1000 for a Bachelor’s degree and also the same for a Master’s degree. However, the fees for different programs vary; you can check the annual fees for international students for different faculties. The acceptance rate of the school is on the high side with a 70% score. The cost of living as a student in Hacettepe is from $288 to $577 every month.


    The United States News Global University Rankings ranked Hacettepe no. 1 in Turkey and no. 208 worldwide back in 2018. In 2010, the university was ranked by URAP as number 399 globally while they were first in Turkey. That same year, they were ranked 285 by QS in the field of medicine and life sciences.

    SCImagoir also ranked then 354th worldwide in 2010, 1st in Turkey, 114th in Western Europe and 122nd Worldwide in Health sciences. The institution faculty of medicine is the best in the country and they hold the top spot among state schools.  According to the World University rankings, it is around 501 – 600 with 47,035 students, 22.0 students per staff, 4% international students and 56: 44 female to male ratio.

    Notable Alumni

    Some of the notable personalities that graduated from this great school are

    • Erkan Ibis who is the Rector of Ankara University
    • Çağrı Erhanwho is also a Rector at University of İstanbul Kemerburgaz
    • Esen Akpek who is a Professor of Ophthalmology at Hopkins University School of Medicine.
    • Canan Dağdeviren, he is an Assistant Professor at a Lab in MIT.
    • A politician and doctor named Tekin Bingöl.
    • Uğur Erdeneris a physician who is specialized in ophthalmology and is also a professor.
    • Bilge Yıldız who is an associate professor at MIT.
    • Esra Bilgiç Töre, a well known and successful actress
    • A media artist by the name Erdal İnci.
    • Erdal Beşikçioğlua highly successful actor

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    Admission requirements

    Those who want to pursue their bachelor’s at Hacettepe University must hold a secondary school certificate and can apply. They must hold at least one of the exams that are acceptable by the institution.  If you are using a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), a  score of 1200 is required from the mathematics and Evidence-based Reading and Writing section. Another accepted one is the American College Testing (ACT) and you must have 25 points as a composite score. The last one is TQDK (Azerbian) with a minimum score of 600.

    For applicants using the General Certificate of Education (GCE), you must have an average C minimum in at least 6 AS-level relevant subjects. Then International Baccalaureate (IB), must have at least 33 with one of the subjects relevant to the program being applied for. Then for ABITUR (Germany), a maximum score of two with a relevant subject too.  The French Baccalaureate must have a score of 14 and also with a relevant subject.

    All important information about the application dates will be announced on the official website. The application link is also the website so you can apply for whatever course you want. All applications must be submitted to student affairs via mail or in person. Those who do not meet the application deadline will be considered invalid. Every applicant can choose a maximum of 3 courses within his/her programs.

    Application deadlines

    The 2019 application started on the 6th of May and ended on the 5th of July. The deadline for submission of the required documents was on the 12th of June. Applicants that were shortlisted were announced on the 24th of July, 2019. The interview was between the 31st of July and the 7th of August. And then the results were announced on the 16th of August, 2019. The day for registration was on the 4th of September, 2019.

    The deadline for bachelor and masters on July 5 but it might also vary. So visit the website and whatever program you want to offer for better knowledge.


    Finally, that is how to apply to Hacettepe University as an entry-level. If you want to apply for masters, it is pretty much the same except you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree first and you can only choose a course within that area. Check their website and email used for registration regularly for updates so that you do not miss any announcement.

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